2019 Mercedes E-Class Coupe 220D Reviews, Release Date and Prices

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 - Mercedes

2019 Mercedes E-Class Coupe 220D Reviews, Release Date and Prices – The new Mercedes Classe and coupé marks the return of a genre in great vogue in the 1980s. Years in which the 500 sec, the flagship coupe of the star from which the new class and Coupé is inspired, was the car loved by the jet set and the “Cumenda”.

In addition to the more spinning silhouette, the allure of the Mercedes Classe and coupé comes from small details typical of the high-end star coupe: One on all the automatic Porgicintura, which prevents the driver awkward maneuvers to recover it. They then contribute to the four unframed and completely lowered electric glasses, and the absence of the central upright.

The substance remains that of the new Mercedes Classe and sedan and station wagon, that is level comfort, so much technology (see Pilot Assist) and the new Engine 2.0 diesel from 195 hp. Of course, to have more seductive lines it is necessary to give up a little space on the two rear seats, which however is adequate for two adults of medium stature due to the size higher than the previous generation model. The new one measures 4.8 meters long, 1.86 wide and 1.43 in height

Great passive, but also pleasantly agile

In the 1980s it would have been unthinkable to see a coupe with diesel engine. On the other hand at the time they were rough, noisy, smelly and pretty slow. Today the diesel is almost the only choice from the D-segment (except for the more powerful and expensive versions destined for a tiny niche), and the new 2.0 194 hp Mercedes-Benz is a real gem. Silent, ready for every regime, and very sober. The journey declared in the middle cycle is 25 km/L.

Paired with the new 9-speed automatic gearbox, the 2019 Mercedes E-Class Coupe 220D allows the Mercedes Classe and coupé to travel at 130 km/h at a speed of just 1,500 rpm and always have the right gear in every situation. The torque of 400 nm constant between 1,600 and 2,800 rpm gives a great boost to each lung of the gas pedal, while the cured soundproofing lets let in little or nothing of the outside noises.

2019 Mercedes E-Class Coupe 220D Interior Pictures

In short, the 2019 Mercedes E-Class Coupe 220D is a perfect passer to grind miles on kilometers, just like the sedan version or the station, but offers a nice handful of exclusivity in addition. In spite of the tonnage, the class and shows a agility that you do not expect. Useless to compare with the previous model, to say that there is an abyss does not make the idea. A defect? The impossibility to leave the change in manual mode: After a while you do not use the paddle returns automatically in drive mode, that is automatic.

The Mercedes-Benz Coupe range

The Mercedes E-Class coupe is the latest addition to the Star Coupé range, which also counts the smallest C-Class coupé, the flagship S-Class coupe (the late 1980s) and the GLC SUV and GLE Coupé. Not to mention the forerunner of the four-door sedan/coupé, the CLS, and the smallest CLA.

2019 Mercedes E-Class Coupe 220D Prices

The price list of the 2019 Mercedes E-Class Coupe 220D coupé, the only version available with a diesel engine, ranges from 56,000 to over 75,000 euros according to the setup. There is also a gasoline version, the E 400 Coupe driven by a 3.0-liter V6 supercharged by 333 HP, on the list with a price starting from 80,000 euro.

2019 Mercedes E-Class Coupe 220D Reviews, Release Date and Prices Pictures

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