2019 Ford Focus RS Fuel Economy, Price, Delivery Date

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 - 2016, Ford
2019 Ford Focus RS Fuel Economy Improvement

2019 Ford Focus RS is the improved generation of its series. Releasing with other cars on other series, this car remains very competitive on market. The carmaker reputation boosts its reputation. Critics mention how lovely the new version is. Let us check the entire details of the new Ford Focus RS.

Ford Focus RS 2019 AWD System on Engine

New Focus RS uses brilliant 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine that produces 350 horsepower in 6,000 rpm with 350-pound-feet torque. The maximum speed this car can reach is 266km/h or 165 mph, which is impressive enough for the standard driver. The AWD system is a new improvement this new Ford Focus RS can get.

Next-Gen Ford Focus RS Exterior Redesign

2019 Ford Focus RS wears new front end of the trapezoidal grille with front splitter and fog lights. The side body remains the same but the arch wheels are widening for 19 inches wheel. The rear end is also new with downright model completed with the super big aerodynamic diffuser. Upcoming Ford Focus RS will run well in the market with this look.

Upcoming Focus RS Interior

As we can guess, Ford Focus RS 2016 appears with racing like interior features and look. The interior wear alloy sports pedals, steering wheel with a flat bottom shaped, and seats with Recaro sports cover. The sync features include climate control, satellite navigation, sound system, and smartphone connection through 8 inches control screen. The authentic motorsport fabric panel is offered only on New Ford Focus RS in Europe and Asia.

2019 Ford Focus RS Pricing and Release Date

Officially, New Ford Focus RS is labeled $35,730 in the market. We may need to add $875 more for destination charge. The Sunroof is available in $895 addition.  The 19 inches Premium Painted Forged Alloy wheel is available on $1,395 and $1990 for the Michelin Cup. Yet, there is no official announcement on when they are going to release this New Ford Focus RS on market.

2019 Ford Focus RS drift Mode Overview

New Ford Focus RS has so many pretty upgrades here and there, making it one of the most wanted cars in the market. Beside its expensive price tag, the entire features are too pleasing to ignore. However, it has many great competitors in its class and competition is not going to be easy. How do you think 2019 Ford Focus RS will sell?

2019 Ford Focus RS Fuel Economy, Price, Delivery Date Pictures

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