2016 Toyota Prius Dimensions, Redesign, Price, Engine

Saturday, November 25th, 2017 - 2016, Toyota
2016 toyota prius drive

2016 Toyota Prius is the fourth generation on its name and it brings a lot changes to offer. Even though they are claimed to be boring, the selling numbers define its true popularity. The carmaker ensures market that this one will be how a Prius should be. So what is on this new Toyota Prius?



Thermal Efficient Engine

2016 Toyota Prius uses the incredible 1.8 liter gasoline four cylinder engine called 2ZR-FXE that is enhanced with a cooler, which is supporting the engine to produce the maximum output and stop the working in low demand, producing 150 horsepower. This engine is improved in all parts, combustion, and the rotating assembly. It even has upgraded lithium ion battery for the engine. It is totally an improved engine for 2016 Prius.

2016 toyota prius eco price

2016 Toyota Prius Exterior Total Changes

New Toyota Prius is 2.4 inches longer, 0.6 inch wider, and 0.8 inch lower. The entire body is enhanced with TNG technology that elevates experience in steering, handling, and riding. It still uses the Triangle Silhouette even though it is now 6.7 inches longer forward. The whole body uses high tensile and hot stamped steel, and silencer pad is going over all of the 2016 Toyota Prius.

More Fun Interior Upgrade

2016 Prius interior is improved as well. The gauges wear niftier graphics with housed air vents in all tall tab. With the silencer pads, the cabin is quieter and it also gets more spacious space for up to five passengers. The entire technology support on infotainment and control in Toyota Prius 2016 remains the same.

2016 Toyota Prius Price and Release Date for Market

2016 Prius is rumoured to be released during the mid of 2016 in approximately $25,035 in price. However, the particular brand hasn’t been very transparent on the details of 2016 Toyota Prius release date and exact price.

Critics believe New Toyota Prius changes are not very impressive even though it may highlight several great technologies in it. Despite all the nerd on this car, people are already waiting for it. This certainly is still the most preferable car for green-life people. How do you find 2016 Toyota Prius?

2016 Toyota Prius Dimensions, Redesign, Price, Engine Pictures

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