2017 Mercedes Benz g550 4X4 Review, Release Date, Pictures

Friday, January 19th, 2018 - Mercedes
2017 mercedes benz g550 4x4 features

2017 Mercedes Benz g550 4X4 Review, Release Date, Pictures – This is a Mercedes-Benz unlike any other. The 2017 Mercedes G550, originally engineered for military and rescue service, has become an unlikely icon in the civilian world. Driven by movers and shakers, the G Wagen is one itself with epic off-road capability.

Starting Price at $120,000, 123 as tested, it’s likely that owners will never do this. Then again, I’m not the owner am I. Wish I had a better evil maniacal laugh. It’s no Johnny-come-lately. Structurally the Gelandewagen as it’s also known has remained much the same since 1979. It’s been updated over the years but there’s a historical vault-like German gravitas that even the Germans don’t produce anymore.

You don’t see windshields this upright these days. Or so close. Stability control and adaptive cruise control tech are on board but the vibe is analog

2017 mercedes benz g550 4x4 4K wallpaper

in this digital world. The G rides on traditional truck body-on-frame architecture, the structure is welded together from fully boxed section of steel for strength. And I love this detail, once the frame is welded together, it’s flooded with hot wax to prevent corrosion.┬áThree lockable differentials, a low range, and a 7-speed transmission should get you to Barney’s in bad weather.

2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 4X4 Engine Review

The grunt is now provided by a 4-liter biturbo V8 with 416 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque 0-60 roars up in under six seconds Remember, this weighs some 5,800 pounds, about the same as two fully optioned Honda Civics, and those are not small cars anymore. Throw that heft into a turn and the inertia can be felt in your bones. You definitely don’t want to go into a corner hot.

2017 G550 4X4 Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is pretty much the same no matter how it’s driven. Even the wealthy may wince. Most modern crossovers have a locked down on-center feel. This is a truck albeit a very nice truck, and it requires a certain amount of constant correction, especially when you’re cruising down the highway. The New Mercedes G550 is electronically limited to 130 miles an hour. Not sure I’d want to go there.

This though is a different matter. Considering the cost, I’ll wager that anyone that actually pays for a G Wagen won’t try to tackle terrain much tougher than this and I haven’t even considered using low range or the lockable differentials.

Kudos to those who do though. With a continuous all-wheel drive set up, the 550’s appeal is more old school than Range Rover’s user friendly Terrain Response system. Mercedes claims the G can tackle an 80 percent incline up or down, I’ll have to trust them there, don’t feel like testing my insurance policy.

Certainly trimmed up better than its military counterparts, occupants view the world though expansive glass from a high perch. The chairs have a few tricks they are noticeably comfortable, extremely adjustable and climate controlled.

This is not the latest version of the COMAND user interface but far more sophisticated than what was available back in the 80’s, there’s nothing like night vision found on the S Class. The removable cup holder can help improve your three point shot skills. He shoots he scores.

Rear passengers definitely sit higher than those in front. Room is okay.There’s no folding armrest. Not that it doesn’t have its amenities, here’s something you don’t see much these days. The G Wagon is a two-row machine and dropping the seatbacks to haul big things is not a simple single lever affair.

It takes some effort. A liftgate would protect you from the rain, it also wouldn’t keep you from your cargo. Pretty sure these could be used for tow hooks. The square shape is very efficient when loading provisions. Enough to supply Germany’s entire Bundeswehr for a full day, that’s 16 packs. Mercedes has signaled an end to production of this legend over the past decade, and yet it soldiers on.

A unique combination of utility, luxury, status, capability, and history, nothing makes people say gee quite like the G Wagen. The 2017 Mercedes G was originally built because of a request from the

Shaw of Iran for a military vehicle that could go anywhere, and I do mean ANYWHERE. There is a perverse kind of fun to playing around in the dirt with a 120K vehicle. The low end burble of the V8 is reminiscent of a battleship. So is the turning radius.

Lots of three-point turns in this rig. Notice how good the audio was? It wasn’t so good the first day I did it. Turns out my GoPro audio cord adapter was bad and I didn’t know it till I got home. So I had┬áto schlep back out and shoot that stuff again. Poor me, more off-roading. The gas bill was a bit steep though. Of course you all know I shoot these videos myself so I need someone to get behind the wheel for running footage.

You may have noticed I used my drove for the first time in this piece, I bought a DJI Phantom 4 in case you’re wondering. The learning curve was a little bit steep for me it took me about three hours to get the shots that I used. But, I’m assuming it will go a little bit faster after that, safety first. Right?

2017 Mercedes Benz g550 4X4 Review, Release Date, Pictures Pictures

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