2017 Opel Ampera-e Review, Price and Performance

Monday, January 22nd, 2018 - Opel
Opel Ampere-e 2016 yelloew color

2017 Opel Ampera-e  –  Hello everyone, welcome to sheilakdavis.com , today we will talk about the brand new electric car from Opel, New ampera-e. The biggest news with regard to autonomy: as announced today by Opel, Ampera-electric compact, and that will come out at the Paris Motor Show, will be able to offer a range of over 400 km. Measurement, carried out according to the Nedc cycle European approval, placing the car at the top of the segment, stresses the Builder.

The best of rivals. Taking as reference the rivals BMW I6 (300 km in the newer version with 33 kWh battery), the Nissan Leaf (which in turn has reached 250 km declared with the last update), Renault Zoe (240 km) and the Volkswagen e-Golf (now 190 km, but soon will come an important step), Rüsselsheim remarks on a record that is the result of a project started from America-in the form , almost identical, of Chevrolet Bolt-and now in Europe, thanks to the internal synergies of General Motors.

2017 Opel Ampera-e interior pictures

Over 300 km in real conditions. In the press release that formalizes the value, Opel underlines the generosity of data that you can “rip” thanks to Clement Nedc and States that “in real driving conditions,” the new Opel Ampera-e it would still be able to ensure a range exceeding 300 km. Just enough to make it a first car, according to the manufacturer.

2017 Opel Ampera-e Price and Rating

Price of Opel Ampera E

 “It’s not eco-luxury,” says ceo Karl-Thomas Neumann. An allusion to the current Tesla range, Home but is also at work on a model more affordable, that Model 3 that-to avoid production delays-should debut at the end of 2017. You have to wait a bit for offer details Opel: for now all we know is that goes on sale next year, but there are more precise information about times and prices.

Supply connected. Coming to the technical detail, the 2017 Opel Ampera-e measures 4.17 meters in length and has a trunk from 381 litres, due to the positioning of the battery pack (from ten modules with 288 cells, produced in collaboration with LG Chem), housed in the base tray and capable of 60 kWh. There is no serial IntelliLink infotainment system with wi-fi hotspot, OnStar services and protocols of mirroring Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto.

2017 Opel Ampera-e Performance review

According to figures released, the electric motor, from 204 HP and 360 Nm gives the German a 0 EV-50 km/h by 3.2 seconds and a recovery from 80 to 120 km/h in 4.5 seconds. In order to protect the autonomy, as happens usually on models with zero emissions, the top speed is electronically limited to 150 km/h.

Braking with the engine. The powertrain electronic control allows the driver to choose between the Drive mode (in which the release of the accelerator is activated battery charging), Low and Regen on Demand, which increases the effect of engine braking (much to render unnecessary the use of disks, except in case of emergency) and energy recovery when slowing down. As seen from the House, these two modes are able to increase the autonomy of up to 5%, compared with the normal Drive

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