2017 Toyota Prius Review, Engine, Interior, Features – American buyers are gravitating toward SUVs these days, but for those who value fuel-efficient cars, the Toyota Prius has become the gold standard over the years. Never known for engaging driving dynamics or passionate design, this is the fourth generation.

2017 toyota prius prime

Just so you know, there’s a plug-in hybrid version coming in late 2016. Called the Prius Prime. It seats four, has an estimated all electric range of 22 miles and gets slightly different styling. Certainly, you’ve decided whether the polarizing lines appeal to you or not.

Give Toyota credit for going all in. Frankly my first reaction was, well, yikes! However, after hours of photographing it, I grudgingly understand the lines better. I want a set of these tail lamps in my home as art. The silhouette is among the most aerodynamic you can buy and New 2017 Prius sits on Toyota’s new TNGA platform that the next-generation Camry will ride on.

2017 toyota prius prime Rear angle

2017 Toyota Prius is a Hybrid car

2017 Prius is a hybrid and it does those hybridy kinds of things. As before,coasting and braking charges the battery. Remember this model doesn’t get plugged in.

The gasoline engine shuts down at stoplights. Typically Prius, initially pulls away on electric power before the gas engine smoothly feathers in.

Careful drivers can keep track of their efficiency almost like a game, much safer than playing Pokémon Go at the wheel.

The hybrid components and transaxle that includes a continuously variable transmission are all more compact. The 1.8-liter gas engine is more efficient too. All Prii except the base model use a new lithium-ion battery tucked under here now.

Total power output from the four-cylinder and two motor/generators is 121 horsepower. Remember, on start up there is no engine sound A happy little show on a far better display greets you. The transmission selector remains pretty much the same.

A leisurely 0-60 time of about 10 seconds also remains. Under hard acceleration the engine is quieter now. There’s less of that rubbery elastic dynamic from the transmission though it is still there a bit. 2017 Toyota Prius may not look like a conventional car but it definitely drives more like one now.

The ride quality has been smoothed out too. Toyota has been promising better handling from their cars for years now and Prius delivers. It no longer corners like a damp rag. It’s no sports car but it’s definitely better. Thank a new multi-link suspension for that.

The brake feel is improved, transitioning from power regeneration to the physical brakes being used is fairly seamless. Visibility is great in this car, if you haven’t noticed, lots of glass, like a big bubble. Kind makes me want to try driving a Pacer.

Toyota has kept the glass panel in the tailgate too which really helps. But most people are primarily interested in fuel economy and once again, 2017 Prius improves. I’m easily seeing 52 miles-per-gallon without changing my driving habits. Impressive. Drive

modes are available, I didn’t notice a huge difference, “power” is certainly not “ludicrous” mode. The available head up display keeps your driving style front and center nice because the main cluster is mounted in the middle. Available safety tech includes auto-braking with pedestrian

detection and adaptive cruise control that works to a full stop. Perhaps you noticed the color way used inside the cabin. For those who don’t want to be reminded of their first iPod or an Orca whale, black and beige are available. And yes, dirt does show. Materials are a HUGE step up from the utilitarian plastics in the outgoing model. The climate control uses sensors to vent air only to occupied seats for efficiency. Toyota’s user interface is very straightforward and a backup camera is standard.

Wireless phone charging is available. Toyota Prius 2017 is not a small car. The back seat is actually fairly roomy, though your very tall friend may want to ride in front. Foot and legroom is generous, there’s storage and power.

Two average adults will be very comfortable, three will be fine when not testing out Prius’ estimated 588 mile range. The cargo hold is roomy for those who think they need a crossover to lug stuff around. The security panel is made of a light fabric, and folds like a windshield sunshade, making it easy to stash away.

No TP Trunk test this week, something a little bit practical, at least for me. My wife’s been after me to donate this stuff for weeks. Who doesn’t have a beanbag chair that needs to be unloaded. Dropping the seat is easy, notice the optional mat protects the seat back too?

Without issue, all new Prius gobbles stuff up handily. I think I’ll run into the house and get that old printer too. Prices start at 25 thousand dollars for a Prius Two (there is no One). This Three model with Advanced Tech package stickers 30 grand. Prius remains the best way to save gas without having to plug in.

Polarizing design? Well it’s not as if it’s alone. Right? Other than opinions on that, there’s no arguing that Toyota has improved the Prius experience all the way around. For the record, this car set a record for people commenting on the design. A few people really liked it,

generally the reactions were less kind. Ultimately, what really matters is how many will Toyota sell. Cheap gas and the love affair Americans have with SUVS and crossovers these days probably effect sales of this car far more than styling. Seems we have short memories.

Oh and before I go, here is the Prius Prime, the plug-in version. The front and rear end are different. My neighbor has the current Prius plug-in (no pun intended) has been disappointed with its 11 mile electric only range. The new one supposed to do 22, still far short of Chevy Volt that goes around 50. That is my opinion of the 2017 fourth generation Toyota Prius.

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