2018 Dacia Sandero Brave LPG Review; The Most Efficient Car

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 - Dacia
2018 Dacia Sandero Brave LPG Colors

Can a car be at the same time economical, spacious and tasty? Yes, if it is the 2018 Dacia Sandero Brave LPG. It is the top of the range, but costs less than 12,500 euros, has a complete standard equipment, and runs about 400 kilometers with less than 20 euros of gas.

2018 Dacia Sandero Brave Design

Through the list of the Dacia Sandero gives you more or less the same feeling to have in front of your eyes the menu of a luxury restaurant in India: Even aiming at the top you spend little time. The 2018 Dacia Sandero Brave LPG is the top-of-the-range version of the French utility of Romanian origin, and nonetheless, it is listed at a price of 12,450 euros. The petrol version, just to understand, is listed at 500 euros less: Might as well bet on the GPL version, regardless of mileage.

Based on the Sandero Stepway, the one with raised trim and plastic protection for the bodywork, the Dacia Sandero Brave, in its “economy”, is even tastier. With regard to the colors for the bodywork, you can choose exclusive grey Iceland or a new variant of the tint most appreciated by the customers of the brand. It is combined with 16-inch iron rims with the wheel of a slightly darker grey than the bodywork.

The interiors are the same as the other sandal with a difference in the upholstery of the seats, embellished with the copper-colored topstitching, and with the steering wheel covered in leather. The plank, simple and economical, is livened by inserts of copper color, and the standard is provided a touch screen of the multimedia system with radio, Bluetooth, and GPS navigator.

Moving on to what is not seen, the 2018 Dacia Sandero Brave LPG mounts a 0.9-liter 3-cylinder turbo engine of 90 hp and 140 Nm, what is needed to move decently without regretting a turbo-diesel under the hood despite a lower maximum torque value (the Sandero 1.5 dCi develops 220). In the performance theme, the house declares 168 km/h maximum speed and a 0-100 acceleration of 11.3 seconds.

2018 Dacia Sandero Brave LPG Features

The petrol tank (identical to that of the other versions) is 50 liters, to which the toroidal tank (doughnut) is added, with a declared capacity of 32 liters, approximately 30. The ignition takes place on petrol, while the gas changeover is automatic once it has reached a temperature that is considered sufficient to avoid hiccups. When the engine is at operating temperature, the various start-and-stop ignitions occur at LPG.

2018 Dacia Sandero Brave LPG Test Dive

The Dacia Sandero is powerful, but it is also one of the most spacious in its segment (that of the Utilitarians) thanks to the abundant dimensions. It can accommodate even 5 passengers, even if for comfortable star 4 is the ideal number. It is a car suitable for transversal use, from the city to the highway where it is possible to maintain a speed of 130 km/h to a regime all in all content of 3,600 rpm. The noise that penetrates the cockpit, in any case, is not little.

Elastic, usable even at low rpm and economical to maintain, the small tricylinder from less than a liter of displacement is quite well under the hood of the Sandero, both in the “petrol mode” and in the LPG. In fact, the differences in performance are imperceptible, and in both situations, there is a bit of delay in responding to accelerator pressures.

The differences in terms of travel costs are evident, however: when traveling on petrol the consumption is lower (the declared amount is 20 km/l against the 16 km/l at LPG) but the cost of the lower gas of the half saves not a little. In real use, where I detected an average consumption between 11 and 13 km/L, we travel about 380 km with less than 20 euros. If you leave the traffic or the highway, the autonomy can easily exceed 430 km.

2018 Dacia Sandero Brave LPG Price

The list price is set at 12,450 Euro. And it’s a real price because the options are very few and even indispensable on a car of this segment. Standard equipment includes manual air conditioning, cruise control, GPS navigator with a touch screen, rear parking sensors, rear camera, and four electric windows.

of LPG vehicles there are many, but none has a price so competitive as to compete with the brave LPG, also considered the rich endowment provided as standard.

For Who?

To those looking for a cheap car in price and economic in the cost of management. Economic is the keyword, but not without style: The Brave range transforms the 2018 Dacia Sandero Brave LPG into a small well-equipped crossover with an attractive look, especially out.

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