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Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 - Ford
2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Interior Photos

The Ford Fiesta is a small sport 200 CV ST200, Thats Wy named with 2018 Ford Fiesta ST200. But it’s not just the power to amaze of this utilitarian anabolic threat: the road thrills like few others in its segment.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Redesign

The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 has arrived, but the new version 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine 1.5 ST (always from 200 HP) you need to be patient: it will come at the beginning of 2018. Meanwhile, there is still the “old” Fiesta 1.6 4 cylinder Turbo with ST200.

The arrival of the new model hasn’t aged much outside. The front grille “Aston Martin style” arrived with the redesign of half life is still current, and the details of the ST200, with side skirts, spoiler, alloy wheels and extractor and blacks, make it “bad” as required.

Sitting in the fantastic Recaro seats I notice, however, that time has passed. The small screen multimedia system is small, far and cashed. The commands to use the radio, Bluetooth and GPS are complicated. Are simply too many, and sometimes counterintuitive. The graphics, finally, leaves something to be desired. So that’s the biggest flaw of the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 based on the outgoing model.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Relase Date and Pricelist

The seats are a nice touch of sporty versions Ford on young timer Ford Sierra Cosworth in the 1980s. They are comfortable, very supportive, for sure the best could want on the Fiesta ST. I really like the steering wheel, the gear lever leather cuffed and aluminum pedals. To guide you don’t need much else; at this point, I just want to unleash the furious momentum of this Fiesta.

Driving Experience

Doesn’t need a lot of mincing words: The Fiesta ST200 is a real bomb. Mind you, those looking for a little sport to be used every day hoping that pavĂ©, tram tracks, and country roads prick like a strainer are not a problem, you are wrong.

The Ford Fiesta ST is one of the harshest sport, and therefore also less comfortable when the roads aren’t like a pool table. On the highway the engine’s rpm, while steering more than 3,000 ready and sharp planning do not make long journeys relaxing ribbons of tarmac.

But where many other competitors are a compromise between comfort and sportiness, the Fiesta is focused on driving pleasure. Just ride it for few kilometers on a winding road to remain bewitched by its ability to jump around corners with a precision scalpel while the rear wheels are sliding that little to get you into the curve with a reduced steering angle and with a smile to 32 teeth.

The Steering feel alive in your hands, you know all the information it needs, the brakes are powerful and adaptable, ABS comes only if you are pounding as you can on the pedal. Simply put, you don’t ever want to stop driving it.

Unity 1.6 4 cylinder Turbo instead is exploitable and at the same time she got spunk for sale: you can trot along at 50 mph in fifth and resume speed without hesitation, or event between 4,000 and 6,000 rpm where it gives her best.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Price

The price of the Ford Fiesta ST200 is 25,000 euro 21,500 of Fiesta ST182. Standard equipment includes the automatic climate control, 17-inch alloy wheels Matt Black and numerous sporty details such as door sill with ST logo, leather steering wheel, Recaro sports seats and signed the side skirts.

Among the optional cruise control (250 euros), rear parking sensors (Pack of 250 euro with electrically folding mirrors included) and the rear view camera (Pack of 500 euros with GPS Navigator and screen from 5 inches).

The Volkswagen Polo GTi from 192 HP, available both with manual transmission is automatic dual-clutch DSG, is a more versatile of the Fiesta ST. More composed and less sharp, has a motor that drives always strong and is definitely more comfortable of Fiesta ST200. Outstanding the DSG dual-clutch gearbox.

Even the French are good at small sports clubs. The Renault Clio R.S. is a classic of the genre, and the latest generation EDC dual clutch automatic transmission is offered as standard. Sharper the 208 GTi by Peugeot Sport, angry quieter version 208 GTi.

To those looking for performance, sound, and especially driving pleasure. The Ford Fiesta ST200 is a car electric. Comfort is not contemplated, the 3 doors are impractical if they happen to move around a lot more than two, and the ROAR coming from the exhaust ignites tempers but makes me want to turn off the stereo once exceeded 120 km/h.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Strenghts and Weakness


  • Driving pleasure, top segment and not only
  • Aggressive Engine, full sound: exciting


  • The stabilization compromises on comfort
  • The multimedia system obsolete: unintuitive, graphics

2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Pictures

2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Releaibility reviews2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Exterior Design2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Performances2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Interior Photos2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Releaibility reviews2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 Relase Date and Pricelist
2018 Ford Fiesta ST200 | damian | 4.5

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