2018 Hyundai ix20 Dimensions, Price, Opiniones

Sunday, February 19th, 2017 - Hyundai
Hyundai Ix20 Problems You Should Know Before Buy

The 2018 Hyundai ix20 compact MPV GPL is a versatile and with a generous relative to body dimensions. The version 1.4 from 90 HP equipped with the LPG system signed 5 years BRC guaranteed as the other components of the car, lets you limit the operating costs but does not guarantee brilliant performance.

2018 hyundai ix20 dimensions, Spacious in small size and Dimension

Just so long the 2018 Hyundai ix20 4.10 meters that, in spite of that “x” in the abbreviation of the name, it has no off-roading ambitions even in appearance, unlike the ix35. Sizes from small car then, but with a modular compartment that sit raised and plenty of space for rear passengers, provided that you do not need to move to five, in which case you are a bit tight. The sliding rear sofa allows you to leave more space for the passengers ‘ legs rather than increasing the volume of the trunk as needed; boot offering a volume of 440 litres up to reach over 1,480 broke down the second row of seats. Going up in the driver’s seat of the Hyundai ix20 affect positively the good visibility in all directions and the airiness of the cockpit ensured by ceiling height and the large Windows. Interior finishes are not his forte but neither disappoint if compared with those of the segment; leaves a little to be desired on small display of the car radio and Bluetooth from rudimentary graphics.

2018 Hyundai ix20 Engine, so much fluid how peaceful

City, highway and suburban locations: we tested under all conditions this small minivan and we appreciated the great versatility. And not just for the space on board and the compact size, but also because of its naturally aspirated, silent and fluid, but gives its best out short-and medium-haul routes. The 4-cylinder 1.4 of 2018 Hyundai ix20 LPG is so elastic part of the Econext that you can safely resume in third gear at a speed of 20 km/h in a regime of just over 1,000 laps. It has a very wide range of use and has the advantage of being quiet-hardly seems off when idling – and it is relaxing to use in town, accomplices a change well maneuverable and lightweight clutch. But don’t ask him sportsmanship, is not his forte: revs with a certain laziness and resumes with calm, although short reports do not ask for frequent use. The lack of sixth gear feels on the highway, because at speeds from the tachometer is close to 4,000 rpm and this does not benefit either to the quiet ride nor consumption.

2018 Hyundai Ix20 Abmessungen Komplett Mit

2018 Hyundai ix20 Fuel Economy (MPG)

Consumption are not low, as on all LPG cars, especially on the highway, on the other hand the bodywork minivan affects drag. The onboard computer, probably calibrated for use with gasoline, he scored an average of 14.3 km/l during the period of our road test, but with the method “from full to full” (GPL) we calculated an average of about 10 km/l. With a dedicated tank 39 liters LPG actual autonomy ben nearly 400 km, which are joined by 500 other abundant with the petrol tank, for a total autonomy over 900 km. In short, the problem of remaining walk does not arise even in a “coast to coast”, while travel costs are around 6 euros to travel 100 km. The dealer spent 25 euros to refill the tank ring stayed in place of spare tire.

2018 Hyundai ix20 Price and Features

Few productions (Classic and Comfort) and all standard: Korean brand philosophy therefore excludes any possibility of customizing your car, but for this price list is not a red herring, although the only body color available at no extra cost is the Cool Red, which is a pastel red, for other colours you have to charge a fee of 250 and 550 crayon and metallic ones respectively. The 2018 Hyundai ix20 is part of the Econext GPL Comfort price list at the price of 18,300 euros, includes everything you need except for two accessories especially welcome those who make a long way: GPS Navigator and cruise control.

2018 Hyundai ix20 Competitors

The compact MPV available petrol/LPG the same segment of the 2018 Hyundai ix20 1.4 EcoGPL are part of the Econext GPL the Kia Venga, which we tested in version 1.4 90 HP, turbo diesel Fiat 500 l T-Jet 120 HP GPL, Citroen C3 Picasso 1.4 VTi LPG, the Ford B-Max 1.4 90 HP GPL and Opel Meriva 1.4 120 HP GPL.

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