2018 Mercedes GLC Coupe Hybrid Review, Prezzo, Konfigurator

Sunday, February 12th, 2017 - Mercedes
mercedes benz glc 63 amg

Lot thing that asked questions about 2018 Mercedes GLC, for example, GLC konfigurator, Mercedes GLC Dimensions, Mercedes GLC coupe Prezzo and much more. But this time we will only discuss who we were able to discuss only. Maybe next time we make another article about Mercedes-Benz GLC 63 AMG, Mercedes GLC konfigurieren, Mercedes GLC coupe Prix, Mercedes GLC zubehör and more. maybe 🙂

The Coupe, for some years now, no longer go out of style. But we are talking about the classic 2-door coupe, as fascinating as they are impractical. The Mercedes Coupe, a sporty design GLC, keeps almost the same compact SUV versatility of GLC, the heir of the GLK. Apart from some give up in terms of trunk.


Grab a GLC, stretch it out by 8 cm, lower it by 4 and put a sloping Pavilion: here comes a GLC Coupe. The different aspect ratios give a more streamlined design, reminiscent of the greatest GLE Coupe. Stage presence, in short, is very different.

2018 mercedes glc zubehör interior

It penalizes some rear visibility, in any case, there is the rear-view camera that comes to the rescue and the boot keeps good capacity but is less exploitable in height. The capacity in 5 places of GLC Coupe is about 500 liters (about 50 below the GLC), with the removal of the seats the gap widens but still reached 1,400 liters in total.

The Interior of the 2018 Mercedes GLC Coupe are well finished, and space is plentiful even for rear passengers. The shield of the input measurement multimedia system 7 inches, there is the option to 8.4 inches.


Besides two gasoline versions, including the top of the range V6 3.0 engine 43 AMG Coupe with GLC 367 HP, the SUV Coupé of the star has three diesel engines: 4-cylinder 2.1 declined in two different power of 170 and 204 HP and a V6 3.0 from 258 HP.

But the GLC Coupe is also a plug-in hybrid. Its powertrain consists of 211 HP 2.0 petrol engine and electric motor from 116 HP. The total output of 326 HP 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds and declared autonomy with only 34 km electric motor: If commuting to work is near, you can take advantage of much the only electric motor. The batteries are recharged in 4 hours of GLC hybrid Coupe from a standard electrical outlet, or in 2 hours by installing in the column provided by Mercedes garage as an option.

All versions of the GLC Coupes come standard with wheel drive 4Matic.

The PROOF of the GLC 220 D 4MATIC

A high riding position while driving a sports car? It all started nearly 10 years ago with the BMW X 6, which then has made even the smallest X 4. Mercedes responded first with GLE Coupe, now with the GLC Coupe. Are certainly not mainstream cars: this is a niche segment, partly because there are no SUV Business Coupe.

The GLC 250 d Coupe from 204 HP is the most interesting: it costs virtually as the version to 170 HP, consumes the same and is free from super bol lo. The performances are worthy of its design, and road holding is above expectations, especially with the air suspension.

The rubber coating is very generous, but to have a higher handling recommend suspension adjustable: from soft and comfortable, in sport plus mode becomes more rigid and precise. Ideal to get some satisfaction when traveling without the family.

The GLC Coupe can be equipped with mechanical suspension with continuous damping (Dynamic Body Control) or with the sophisticated suspension (Air Body Control).

2018 Mercedes GLC Coupe Precio

Let us look at the price: 8 Mercedes GLC Coupe price starts at 54,000 euros for the GLC 220 d Edition from 170 HP, which is the diesel version, while to go to the next step of power, or 204 HP, just add 360 euros. The GLC hybrid Coupe part from 63,000 euros, while the most powerful AMG version reaches 75,900 euros.

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Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

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