2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport Release Date

2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport Release Date

2018 Opel Insignia Grand Sport is lighter, brighter, larger and better finished, the large Opel sedan Gets a makeover. Alas, its engines will not, at least in France, at the height of its excellent chassis.

The Opel Insignia Grand Sport was presented in July 2008 at the small London auto show. Bob Lutz, great is the automotive world and augurs well for General Motors, had made the trip from Detroit to introduce the new model of the brand to the lightning, owned by the American manufacturer since the end of the 1920s. The location was not chosen at random: the Insignia would also be badged Vauxhall, always dear to the heart of the British label, and find some success across the channel. It was not the same in France, where his career has been very discreet, taken between the pervasive SUV and large French sedans, always a specialty of French manufacturers. Praised for its elegance and its chassis, it was sacred ‘Car of the year’ in 2009 and has passed 940 000 copies in nearly nine years.

The antithesis of the SUV

Long and low, the Opel Insignia Grand Sport is placed at the antipodes of the SUV. This new version stays even more, with a flag lowered 29 mm corresponding to a base itself lower than 30 mm. Its tracks extend 11 mm and decrease the front overhang of 30 mm. Visually, the Insignia Grand Sport, his new surname, put into production since Monday 20 March on the historical site of Opel in Rüsselsheim, seems more tapered and stronger on its wheels. Nothing tormented lines and more plunging muzzle not lacking personality. Nevertheless, they evoke some recent Asian achievements. The drag coefficient in air (CX) is in agreement with this perceived fluidity and moved to 0, 26.

The real updates does not offer directly to the eye. It is called ‘Epsilon 2’, a new architecture that won no less than on the sedan 175 kg and 200 kg on the Tourer station wagon, which nearly 60 just on the hull. Compared to the old model, this new platform, shared by the Buick Regal and LaCrosse, as well as the Australian Holden Commodore, would have also dampened rigidity increased by 9%. On the break, trunk volume progresses from 130 l (a suitcase) to reach the respectable value of 1 665 the rear seats lowered. Always on the break, the entrance of the trunk has been advanced, which facilitates loading. A chrome ring placed in the glazing line joined the rear of the light (LED), visually emphasizing the impression of low height of the Tourer (only 1 483 mm). Note that the tailgate can be opened by a scan on the foot under the bumper.

Seats designed by specialists of the back

Inside, the space available, already remarkable on the old Insignia, is sensitive growing. The width at the shoulders wins 25 mm. The wheelbase lengthens 92 mm and reached the interesting value of 2 829 mm. To fix ideas, if a driver measuring nearly 1, 90 m is at the wheel, the passenger behind will be not annoyed at the knees, even if it has the same size. Good German, the setting of the driving position is easy. The front seats are among the best qualities of the Insignia. Designed in collaboration with specialists from the back, they settle in all directions, electrically on the most exclusive versions. The driver can adjust the length of the seat her seat as well as, more rare, the width of his file. The passenger is a little less well treated, at least on cars that we tried, but it is more than adequate. In the front seat, a sedan in our view still offers better comfort than an SUV because we extend more pleasantly legs. With 490 l, the trunk space is however below the competition, and especially that of the Skoda Superb, which is the size of the hold exceeds the 600 l.

Assembly, quality of materials, the furniture, the finishing of the Insignia drawing progresses significantly. Lacquer “piano”, including the central console is generously equipped, gives a chic to the cockpit. The layout of the dashboard is classic. She earns to be chosen in a two-color version to brighten a bit quite austere Interior. Driving AIDS and “infotainment” systems are the abundant and last cry. Special mention to “smart” lighting to led matrix, whose beam varies automatically according to the traffic seen by sensors, and that illuminates the road up to 400 meters. The first laps reveal a suspension filtering of large and small irregularities of the floor, but less mellow than a French. The weight loss program has benefited the chassis. Undeniably, he won in vivacity and accuracy. The big curve at high speed, as we could see on a German motorway, the nose gear provides a remarkable precision of guidance, with a precise direction expressing a feeling good.

All-wheel drive and vector torque split

This quality chassis deserves better than the engines planned for the french market: a new four-cylinder gasoline available in 140 or 165 HP, a 1.5 l four-cylinder diesel 1.6 l (110 and 136 HP) and finally a four cylinder diesel 2 l 170 HP, which can be associated with a new automatic transmission in eight reports. It is this last group that made us the best impression among this choice. Round, voluntary, but buzzing a bit at stabilized speed (a defect also found on the old model), however, it best suits the temperament of this large sedan than the gasoline engine cubant only a liter and a half. Even in 165 HP, the latter requires being horsewhipped, as is most of the time the case with the small turbocompressors cars: the price of “downsizing”. We could, however, test the version with the four-cylinder, two-liter turbo delivering 260 HP. coupled with all-wheel drive and with a vector torque distribution, this mechanism, even if it does not the nobility of 6 cylinders, transformed the Insignia in a formidable GT. This supercharged engine is unfortunately not available in France. “There is no demand for this type of vehicle in France”, estimated at Opel. The heavy penalty now sanctioning powers out of the average do not facilitate things.


The competitor of the Volkswagen Passat, Skoda Superb, Peugeot 508 and Renault Talisman, this new version of the Insignia is much more than a redesign of the old model. She could try the last four refractories to the SUV, especially for a break, which will be available later in version “all roads” all paths. In entry rates are € 27 200 for the 1.5 l gasoline 140 HP and €29 400 for the 110 HP diesel. The 165 HP Elite finishing gasoline should be posted to €34 500 and the 170 HP diesel at €37 600. Opel considers that its Insignia Grand Sport has an endowment that is comparable to that of the German premium to be “an interesting alternative. But, points out the brand to the blitz, with 32 to 42% lower rates. What will be the place of Opel on the automotive scene after its acquisition by Peugeot-Citroen (PSA)? “The strength and prestige of a former German mark as probably questioned our PSA”, said Karl-Thomas Neumann, Chairman of Opel. Of the to do a high-end for the new European set of Opel.

The data sheet Opel Insignia Grand Sport

  • Engine: 4-cylinder petrol and diesel
  • Power: 110 to 170 ch
  • Torque: 250 to 400 Nm
  • Transmission: traction or full, manual six-speed, automatic six or eight reports
  • Weight: 1 487 1 582 kg
  • Dimensions (l. × l. × h.): 4 897 × 1 863 × 1 455 mm
  • Trunk: 490-1 450 l
  • Speed: 205 at 226 km/h
  • 0-100 mph: 8, 7-11, 6 s
  • This consumption: from 4 to 6, 1 l / 100 km
  • CO² emissions: 105 138 g/km
  • Price: from €27200 (announced)

The slightly raised belt gives the silhouette of the Insignia Grand Sport a certain dynamism.

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