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Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 - Peugeot
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Peugeot launches in the footsteps of the Piaggio MP3 500, a Peugeot Metropolis 400RX sharp as ever. Despite sales accusing a slight decline last year, the three-wheeled scooter remains very popular in France. Tired of traffic jams motorists appreciate it for its reassuring stability and the ability to access an average displacement, without having to pass the motorcycle license. Balance sheet, the motorized three-wheel half today sales of the scooter over 125 cm3.

This category was initiated in 2008 by a certain Piaggio MP3 which remains the great leader of the market despite the emergence of two rival seriously, the Quadro and the Peugeot Metropolis. The early career of the three’s – wheels french has probably been affected by an engine size less than the Italian reference, and road handling slightly.

But the French brand, passed under control (51%) of the Indian Mahindra in 2014, comes to see his copy. 2017 of the Peugeot Metropolis Metropolis 400 vintage has 25% of new parts. Not only to comply with a standard Euro 4 imposing a drastic reduction in pollutant emissions, but also to compete in dynamics with the powerful MP3.

We hoped a passage in 500 cm3, but french manufacturers simply a profound revision of the House of 400 cm3 cylinder to increase torque at low revs, even if it means losing 2 small horses. The average consumption goes down, according to the manufacturer, from 4.2 to 3.9 l / 100 km, or the C02 emissions of 89 g/km of 96 g/km previously.

18 Peugeot Metropolis 400RX Come to USA

The gap of strength between the New Peugeot Metropolis Metropolis 400 and the Piaggio MP3 500 (Euro 4) is more than 3 horses, and their performances are closer than you might think. The displacement gap will certainly be more impact on the ego of the driver on the actual acceleration.

More crucial to our eyes, Peugeot rigidified part of the Metropolis, 13-inch front wheels mounted and the closer Michelin City grip tires, as on the MP3. He also took the opportunity to review the setting of the suspension to improve road holding and comfort. Without forget braking reinforced by front discs more large diameter and the Assembly in series of ABS. When braking at 50 km/h, the gain reaches 3 meters.

If the silhouette of the Peugeot Metropolis has not changed much since its launch in 2012, special series RX – R which is the subject of our test, adorned of black and red, a flat floor covered with aluminum and adjustable smoked windscreen, contributes to energize her.

DNA of the lion brand ends up in a face front of automotive inspiration, instrumentation with dials circled in chrome, a reverse tachometer, a rear opening of the safe way tailgate, fires day-led, automatic of the warnings in the ESS, an electric parking brake, and a Keyless Start.

A motorist, the customer of the brand, will therefore not out of place, even with its system of automatic blocking in a vertical position and the progressiveness of its orders, the 2018 Metropolis 400RX turns out rather easy to take over. We must deal with a large mass (265 kg) to stop, but as soon as it is moving, this three-wheel gives the impression of to lighten the load.
Compared to a traditional maxi-scooter, its nose gear has more inertia but, everything is relative, maneuverability now approximates that of MP3. Comfort is also progressed on the good coating but is still perfectible through too many potholes that punctuate the streets of Paris.

Side engine, noise and vibration reduction is significant. With a system “stop and start” automatic cutoff of the engine off, it would have been perfect. Performance, provided they do not hesitate to turn the gas handle, accelerations and the times are the best levels.

Keep for the reason, a system of traction control, adjustable in three levels, was grafted. The dosage of the braking, using levers or the pedal on the floor, is easy. As for the speed, she exceeds the 130 km/h and allows travel on the fast track, without apprehension.

On a practical level, we regret that Peugeot did not take this discount at the technological level to increase the capacity of the trunk which remains insufficient. The solution is to invest in the top box sold €245.

The Piaggio MP3 500 can see in the mirrors a more convincing 2018 Peugeot Metropolis 400RX that it has ever been. The three Le Trois-roues «made in France» – wheels ‘made in France’ must now prove itself, including showing that the small reliability problems that have affected his early career now belong to the past.

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