2018 Renault Grand Scenic Review, Price, Dimensions, Engine, Interior

Sunday, February 19th, 2017 - Renault
2018 Renault Grand Scenic Interior with Sun Roof

2018 Renault Grand Scenic is Impressive and aggressive as a crossover, as versatile as a minivan (5 or 7 seats): the 2018 Renault Grand Scenic distorts the family minivan concept by focusing on a most intriguing aspect that comes close to the world of SUVs. Starting with “shoes”: 20 inch rims very large impact on its image. In version 1.6 dCi EDC — the bi-turbo diesel 160 HP with dual clutch automatic transmission, the 2018 Renault Grand Scenic is a brilliant companion, as well as comfortable.

2018 Renault Grand Scenic Design, Opinione

The silhouette of the 2018 Renault Grand Scenic has minivan, no doubt. But ambitions are from crossover. Huge wheels (standard) and high waistline don’t make the classic functional (but boring) minivan to 7 places to family. On the contrary, its appearance is almost aggressively. It certainly is the first minivan that has managed to conquer purely from an aesthetic point of view.

Getting up there and rest again impressed. Not so much for the finishing touches, average brightness in its class, but for the amazing array of the enormous windscreen and sunroof. Visibility is excellent, thanks to the double column thin, and the driving position is perfect. Again, not by minivan-style bus. You sit at an elevation almost from SUVs, overlooking the street. But ergonomics is at 100% by car.

I climb behind, where in all likelihood are “parked” the little ones of the family. Sliding seats can increase legroom or, if necessary, extend the trunk. In the rearmost position is a lot of legroom. In height, however, there is less space than you expect: the problems coming for people with taller than the 5 ‘ 10.

2018 Renault Grand Scenic Release Date and Price

Space aside, the absence of the central tunnel, the presence of folding tables on the back of the passengers and the glass roof make the 2018 Renault Grand Scenic one of the friendliest places to pass the time while you are traveling. By the way there is also a second rearview dedicated to children.

Brilliant One-Touch system: to take down the rear seats with the push of a button located in the trunk and recline all the backs with minimal effort. To complete the picture, it would take a (n) electric opening tailgate.

2018 Renault Grand Scenic Engine Review

The 1.6-litre diesel engine of small 2018 Renault Grand Scenic 1.6 dCi 160 EDC can count on two turbines. The result is very interesting, not for pure performance in itself-as far as 10.7 seconds in the 0-100 and 200 km/h top speed data is valuable-as for response to requests of the driver, essentially immediate. Zero turbo lag, maximum elasticity.

The recovery is good even in Eco mode (Multi-sensing system lets you choose from five driving modes) in which the engine works at low revs. Gain comfort and driving pleasure and fuel consumption. Speaking of consumption, with the Grand Scénic 1.6 dCi 160 EDC you can travel effortlessly between 16 and 18 km/l.

Diesel unit is quiet, which is a shame that in the highway great comfort offered by minivan French is noticeably disturbed by the potential wind noise from the area mirrors and pillars.

In addition to motor skills, the 2018 Renault Grand Scenic 1.6 dCi 160 EDC manages to exceed expectations in terms of drivability. The steering is ready and at the same time lightweight, and between the curves show a behavior with little body roll. But when the road gets ugly and it comes time to lull passengers, the French minivan pulls back. The front seat with massage function-not available for the passenger seat-rounds off a car with which grind kilometers is a pleasure.

2018 Renault Grand Scenic Price

The tested car is 2018 Renault Grand Scenic 1.6 dCi EDC — the top of the range in price list at the price of 34,850 euros. The prices of the Grand Scénic depart from much less: 22,000 euro petrol versions, 23,600 diesel ones.

The standard equipment is more than comprehensive and accessories list would be too long to list, then I nominate only the most delicious: the Bose sound system, the side curtains back anti-Sun, power Windows rear with non-pinch “device”, the front seats with rear side tables “Easy Life”, leather seats, rear seat system “One Touch” and the 20-inch alloy wheels.

Huge circles should not frighten nor from the point of view of comfort (very high) nor from that of costs: the House stated that the price of tyres is comparable to measures below.


To those looking for a spacious minivan and tasty at the same time, who can offer the pleasure of driving a crossover (and from this point of view turns out better than many SUV of the same segment) but with a better use of space.

There are larger MPV Renault Grand Scenic, but the price you pay is a car less intriguing and less appagnte when it gets to drive.

2018 Renault Grand Scenic pros and Cons


  • Driving pleasure achieved through handling and brilliant engine
  • The complete standard equipment for comfort and safety


  • The potential wind noise on the motorway you feel
  • Height space for rear passengers is less than you expect

Photo Credit; Renault

2018 Renault Grand Scenic Review, Price, Dimensions, Engine, Interior Pictures

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