2018 Suzuki Ignis Sport Review, Interior, Dimensions, Price

Sunday, February 19th, 2017 - Suzuki
2018 Maruti Ignis Interior Images

If there is a segment crowded at all, is that of the mini-SUV: the 2018 Suzuki Ignis fits right into this category. Has size from superminis grew (3.7 meters long and nearly 1.66 wide) and is available in both front-wheel drive is 4 x 4. Even with a hybrid engine.

2018 Suzuki Ignis Price; Mini SUV

His name had already been used for a minivan that was launched in 2000. With the old model, the 2018 Suzuki Ignis shares only the name. The style is one of its strengths, but not at the expense of practicality: among its characteristics has sliding rear seats (standard) and plenty of space for passengers and luggage. List prices start at 14,050 euros and drop to 11,950 euros with the promotion valid until January 31, 2017.

2018 Suzuki Ignis Dimensions, Design

What is the aspect that matters most when buying a car? For Italians, the design. To detach the cheque, the car must be first of all beautiful.

The new 2018 Suzuki Ignis focuses on a young and original but does not forget his DNA. That, indeed, pays homage with some references to models of the past and the present. As the grids on the C-pillar of the Deer (ran the 1970s), which also mentions the shape of the headlights moves them in a modern way, with LED technology. Continuing with the roof suspended of Swift, and the grid on the hood of the Grand Vitara.

2018 Maruti Ignis Interior Images

Secondary aspect is an ultra compact SUV, though. And we all know how the segment is in the great rise. It has a height of 18 cm-two more of the Panda 4 x 4-offers an elevated driving position and visibility. In iAdventure, with plastic protection for the body, it looks even more off-road. In short, has the credentials to win.

We pass the Interior of the 2018 Suzuki Ignis: is probably the most interesting ever seen on a Suzuki. Neat, colorful, well made, with rigid plastics Yes but quality. The color screen 7-inch multimedia system standard across the range, it is certainly from the upper segment and supports Play and Android Apple Car car. To be clear is what Montano also sisters Vitara and S-Cross.

The Ignis traveling comfortable, there’s no question, even those sitting behind, with plenty of space for legs and head. The two rear seats have a typical characteristic of (almost extinct) compact MPV: the sliding rear bench. Or rather, in the case of the 2018 Suzuki Ignis, the two rear seats that run separately by ben 16 cm.

The trunk increases from 260 liters (seats set back) to 360 liters pushing the seats while retaining the 4 seater configuration (there is no fifth even as an option). The 2018 Suzuki Ignis 4×4 instead loses just over 50 liters due to the intrusion of a differential.

2018 Suzuki Ignis Hybrid Engine Review

The Suzuki Ignis is available in two versions: 1.2 Dualjet from 90 HP, front-wheel-drive Hybrid, both 1.2 and is 4 x 4. In either case, the engine is a naturally aspirated 4-cylinder 1.2 from 90 BHP and 120 Nm. We do not know if in the future will be equipped with the most powerful turbo 3 cylinder 1.0 Booster et from 112 BHP and 170 Nm.

Ignis are basically the same Hybrid performance of that “standard” because there is no real electric motor matched to that: it is an endothermic generator that recharges in braking and relieves stress under acceleration, so as to lower consumption. The House says 4.3 l/100 km VS. 4.6 of that on petrol.

Behind the wheel, you appreciate the ease of driving, good visibility and shifters little tiring clutch. The engine is not very ready at low revs, but going up of revolutions is not weak, and view the grit needed to maintain speed, whether you are in the climb on a mountain road is on the highway. Performance and consumption take certainly benefit from low weight of Ignis, of just over 900 kg in version 2WD Hybrid. A plus which also translates into a good behavior on the road despite the tires 175/60.

Ignis defects? The short excursion of the suspension is due to some WinCE over bumps, especially behind, and noise at highway speeds reveals her belonging to the segment of super Subcompacts. Even with a much higher perceived quality.

2018 Suzuki Ignis Price List and Trim Options

A premise must be made: the admission price of 2018 Suzuki Ignis is not a red herring. Even the construction entry level “iCool” series offers everything you expect-and more-from a car of this size. And passing to iTOP there are also security systems “attent of Rena” (automatic braking), “Guida ditto” and “Resta veg Lio”.

The Ignis “iCool” covers “16-inch alloy wheels, manual climate control, heated front seats, sliding rear seats, electrically adjustable heated door mirrors, steering wheel controls, remote control, and 7-inch colour screen with Auto Play support Android Apple Car, audio system, and Bluetooth.

In version 2WD, the Ignis part from 14,050 euros, while the 4 x 4 go up to 17,300, but in far more equipped iTOP Even the Hybrid part from Ignis iTOP and 16,800 euro strap in version 2WD and 18,300 in that 4 x 4.

Promotion to launch, in force until January 31, 2017, provides a discount of 2,000 euros on the entire price list, lowering the starting price at 11,950 euros.

2018 Suzuki Ignis Competitors

In version 4, the only plausible alternative to Suzuki Ignis is the Panda 4 x 4. In terms of size are very similar, but the Japanese daughter of a project much more recently – is undoubtedly superior in terms of convenience and technology. Is not available with a diesel engine as the hills, but compensates by offering a hybrid engine that offers all the advantages of that case, including free access in area C of Milan.

In two-wheel-drive version, the Ignis could be an alternative to Fiat 500, Mini and Smart Forfour. Very different cars with one thing in common: be cool. The small Japanese SUV is available in eleven colors for bodywork, including five bi-color with the contrasting black roof.

2018 Suzuki Ignis Sport Review, Interior, Dimensions, Price Pictures

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