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Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 - Volkswagen
2018 VW Arteon Headlamps

First, the first wheels of the 2018 VW Arteon, the great Volkswagen sedan, which deserves a revival of affection.
The SUV has not yet completely overwhelmed the car world. After Opel, who has just renewed his insignia, it is Volkswagen’s turn to present the successor to his great CC sedan, ex-Passat cc: the arte. “A classic is a romantic who has learned his craft,” wrote Paul Valéry. The lines of the 2018 VW Arteon show a now well-established classicism with a “four-door coupe” style which the motorist has not yet bored.

This aesthetic is particularly flattering for large cars, to which it confers dynamism and poise. Volkswagen lengthened and enlarged the 2018 VW Arteon in relation to its predecessor. With 4.86 m, it gains six centimeters in length and nearly two in width. The height of the pavilion remains almost identical to that of the CC. This growth cure is even more beneficial to the wheelbase, the length of which stands at 2.84 m against 2.71 M: a progression of more than ten centimetres! The Arteon uses the famous MQB platform of the VW Group, here particularly stretched.
Automatically negotiated turns

At the front, the headlamps blend into the grille, while the hood, with a very delicate machining, comes to cover the wings. The whole visually provides an impression of fluidity, a feeling still accentuated by a line of cash that goes back slightly to a very strong back. Large wheels of 20 inches in diameter (optional) Complete the painting: The 2018 VW Arteon has an undeniable and timeless elegance. We are very far from the laborious aesthetics of some SUV’s.

This beautiful design exercise does not rein in the practical aspects. Despite a height of 1.42 m, it is easy to install in the 2018 VW Arteon. The space is not lacking inside and, thanks to the “king size” wheelbase, the rear passengers have plenty of room for their legs. The safe was not sacrificed. Its volume is 563 litres and climbs to 1 557 litres rear seat lowered. Figures worthy of those of a minivan. Such a ship deserved to be well equipped. “Every new generation of cars has to offer a little more technological content than the previous one,” says Herbert Diess, Volkswagen’s president.

The whole range of technologies

The 2018 Volkswagen Arteon has the full range of technologies that are usually equipped with high-end vehicles. But it incorporates new driving aids, the most original of which in our view is the adaptive and Predictive Speed Controller (ACC), which takes into account speed limitations and road data by simultaneously making use of a camera and navigation system. The last generation “Precrash” device also protects the occupants of the vehicle by detecting hazards from the rear.

2018 VW Arteon AWD Audi A7

But the most spectacular system is automatic assistance in emergency situations (“emergency assist”). As soon as the 2018 VW Arteon detects a failure of its conductor, it immediately takes control of the steering wheel to brake and, if necessary, to automatically steer and stop towards the right lane. This system works perfectly, the most impressive being the ease with which the car negotiates by itself the turns.

With such large wheels, we dreaded a somewhat firm suspension. Our fears were not well-founded. Despite tyres with low-elevation flanks, comfort is preserved, the 2018 VW Arteon offering even a quality of filtering above average. The management, progressive, provides a very good feeling. But you have to remember that you are driving a big sedan and the rear wheels are a long way off. The 2018 VW Arteon does not have the maneuverability of an up!. And, if we want to preserve his beautiful body, it will take a little concentration during maneuvers. Fortunately, a battery of sound alerts and a retro-camera ensure the grain.

2018 Volkswagen Arteon Engine Specs

We tried the 2018 Volkswagen Arteon with its two most powerful blocks, the 2-litre petrol of 280 hp and diesel of 240 hp, with the integral transmission. The latter proved to be a couple and silent, while the petrol engine, turbocharged, was very playful from 5 000 Rpm, a regime where the maximum power is delivered. One and the other promptly propelled us to almost 240 km/h on an autobahn near Hanover, which allowed us to see the absence of aerodynamic hisses and very contained rolling noises. The operation of the 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox has gained in efficiency as well as in smoothness with regard to the previous generation.

2018 VW Arteon Conclusion

Can the 2018 VW Arteon replace the Phaeton at the top of the VW range? For us, the answer is no. Simply because she sees herself deprived of the noble six cylinders, which is not yet the case of the Touareg, the great SUV of the brand. “These engines are no longer required in this segment, even in the United States,” said Herbert Diess. Even with a remarkable quality of presentation and finishing, the 2018 Arteon is a general manufacturer’s car, not a premium vehicle. According to VW’s forecast, this competitor of the Peugeot 508 and the Renault Talisman will be sold at 80% to companies, where the SUV, even if it wins the ground, still has a fragrance of recreational vehicle. And this will be the diesel and petrol versions of 150 HP, equipped with mechanical boxes and 17-inch rims, less than 40 000 €, which predominate.

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