2018 VW Polo GTI DSG Reviews, Prices, Dimension, Interior

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 - Volkswagen
2018 VW Polo GTI DSG Release Date and Prices

The 2018 VW Polo GTI DSG gearbox is a small 192 hp bomb, but thanks to the 5-door bodywork, the double-clutch automatic and an elastic motor, a good day-by-day travel companion is revealed.

2018 VW Polo GTI DSG Redesign

Wide shoulders, honeycomb grille with red moldings, red brake calipers and tartan-coated seats: no doubt, it’s GTI in all respects. Agreed, “La GTI” par excellence has always been the major golf sister, the forerunner of the Compact sports presented for the first time to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1975. But also the history of the pole is studded with hot versions: The first was the G40 in 1986, pushed by a 1.3 by 115 hp with volumetric compressor, and only at the end of the nineties came the first polo GTI, at the time pushed by a 1.6 from 125 hp

Today golf has grown quite a lot like all competitors in the C-segment in performance, quality and price. It is in fact that for size, the VW Polo GTI surpasses the first Golf GTI. The impression, not too concealed, is that the pole is its spiritual heir. Compact, accessible, winking thanks to the specific finishes, but certainly not exaggerated, not above the lines. In short, an exploitable car in everyday life, but with an aggressive nature that emerges as soon as you decide not to be gentle with your right foot.

The tartan seats, I said. Definitely the highlight of the 2018 VW Polo GTI DSG, along with the leather-covered steering wheel with flat bottom and red stitching. The Nostalgia effect works, if accompanied by high-level finishes and a perceived quality worthy of the coat of arms stuck on the bonnet. All perfect, or almost: the Well integrated touch screen in the dashboard has a slightly undertoned graphics. But maybe it’s all the rest that is of a great standard.

2018 VW Polo GTI DSG New Style

2018 VW Polo GTI DSG Reviews

I admit I have a penchant for the B-segment sports: I love the idea of having a big engine under the hood of a utilitarian. I appreciate the lightness, versatility, and the generally affordable price. Not all, however, I would recommend it to a friend looking for a car to use for the Tran Tran home-work. Some are too extreme, and as much as they are a source of great fun are not versatile. Others, however, are too polite and uninspiring: At that point, the game is not worth the candle, better to bet on the “normal” version or a good turbo diesel.

The VW Polo GTI is one of those able to combine a good level of comfort with the driving pleasure you expect from a small compact, as long as you endure some extra wine on the irregularities of the asphalt. You feel comfortable both when you are bottled in traffic, and between the hairpins of a mountain pass. The automatic transmission DSG does so much from this point of view: Not only is it a lightning in moving from one gear to another, but it also knows how to be docile under normal conditions of use.

The 4-cylinder 1.8 turbo from 192 CV and 250 nm of VW Polo GTI DSG has the great merit of being always ready from the lowest revs, so that you find yourself “wandering” caressing the gas pedal. The soundproofing is good, the sound kind. At least until you decide to press the sports button: In this case, the Polo GTI will lighten the voice, and the answer becomes aggressive.

Do not be fooled by those 8 CV less than other competitors, the small GTI of Wolfsburg has an exciting progression until the hand of the tachometer approaches the red zone, and the feeling is that the power is higher than it is actually. And all this despite the lower torque than the GTi polo with a manual gearbox (which bears 80 nm more, for a total of 350).

Sometimes the absence of a mechanical self-locking differential makes itself felt: coming out of the curves the front wheels struggle to unload the impetus of the GTI polo despite the presence of an electronic device (XDS) that simulates the action of a differential, but manage the power is part of the game. A breeze, because the composite frame and responsiveness to any of the 1.8 turbo regimes make you feel like a rider with great skills.

2018 VW Polo GTI DSG Price and Alternative

The 2018 VW Polo GTI DSG is listed with prices starting from just over 22,500 euros in the 3-door version with a manual gearbox. The 5-door test model with DSG gearbox reaches 24,750 euros with a not entirely complete endowment. As standard, there are all the typical elements of the GTI (17-inch alloy wheels included), the manual air conditioner, the heated front seats, the 6.5-inch touch screen of the multimedia system and the anti-collision multiple systems.

GPS navigator is missing with online services included for 36 months (780 euro), the Tech & sound package with cruise control and parking sensors (300 euro), the adjustable trim with sport performance kit (370 euro), and especially the indispensable paddle wheel for the DSG gearbox offered together with the multifunction steering wheel (330 euro).

The Renault Clio R.S. from 200 CV is the only alternative to the 2018 VW Polo GTI DSG with a double clutch automatic gearbox, albeit less responsive than the excellent DSG. They are both 5-door, but the difference in character between the two is quite a lot.

French has a more ostentatious sportsmanship and more abrupt reactions; The German is more stable and reassuring. As for the declared performance, we are on similar levels, albeit with a slight advantage for the pole: 6.6 seconds for the 0-100 and 236 km/h of maximum speed vs 6.7 seconds and 230 km/h. To prove that those 8 CV less do not feel at all.

Among the alternatives are the Ford Fiesta ST200, the most extreme of the segment and a real reference point regarding the driving pleasure, and the 208 GTI by Peugeot Sport. Both rigid trim, only with 3-door bodywork and manual gearbox. As for interior finishes, the best are the GTI Polo and the 208 GTI.


For those looking for a compact car with high performance, exciting but at the same time versatile. With a price of fewer than 25,000 euros you can take away several satisfactions, without sacrificing the 5 doors and the practicality of the automatic gearbox. The comfort is good and the trim is not of those split-back but compared to the other versions you have to put into account a more dry answer to bumps, manholes, and potholes.

2018 VW Polo GTI DSG Pros and Cons


  • The engine has an exciting progression
  • The balance between driving pleasure and comfort in everyday use


  • Kick down is also active in manual driving mode
  • The paddles at the wheel are not standard: they must be added

2018 VW Polo GTI DSG Reviews, Prices, Dimension, Interior Pictures

2018 VW Polo GTI DSG Release Date and Prices2018 VW Polo GTI DSG New Style2018 VW Polo GTI DSG Interior Pictures2018 VW Polo GTI DSG Engine Specs2018 VW Polo GTI DSG Changes
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