2019 BMW i3s Review; Release Date, Battery Range

Sunday, December 24th, 2017 - BMW
2019 BMW i3s Color Trims

The New 2019 BMW i3s, What’s New? A little more powerful, with a more rigorous behavior and a more aggressive aesthetic, the “sport” version of the i3 gains slightly in dynamism.

It is necessary to take it again twice to discover the aesthetic changes made to the BMW i3s (as to the “standard i3”) in front of the previous and first edition. The front and rear bumpers are different in order to create a better impression of relief and to provide a slightly more aggressive look. LED diodes replace the halogens in the headlights and the fog lamps are more stretched. A chrome bar treated in short mat from the bottom of the windshield to the end of the roof line on the 2019 BMW i3s. and the wheels opt for a diameter of 20 inches. On the inside, the changes are hardly more noticeable. We always find the cockpit very original and to say very nice inaugurated on this model. It enriches with a floating screen (10, 25 inches) providing a wealth of information.

2019 BMW i3s Range Battery Mileage

A seat covering combining wool and leather is appearing (“Solaric Brown”). BMW insists again on the use of renewable materials (for 80% of them): normal, we are in a car “green”. Even though: the “Range extender” option, which is a 38 hp twin-cylinder petrol engine from a large KYMCO scooter placed under the floor and fed by a few liters of fossil fuel, makes it the only electric car With an exhaust pipe. This onboard thermal engine, as an option against a check of just over four thousand euros, will allow you to defeat the “range anxiety” which normally taps any owner of an electric vehicle during a journey not Programmed.

Note in passing that the “range extender”, heavy 120 kg, logically degrades the performance of this sport-oriented i3s. It no longer reaches 100 km/h in 6.9 s but in 7.7 s, and it takes half a second more to move from 80 to 120 km/h (4.8 s to 4.3). According to the very fanciful standard NEDC, the 33 kWh battery of the 2019 BMW i3s should allow it to travel between 235 and 245 km. In real life, this autonomy can be divided easily by two if you have a slightly heavy foot on the freeway. According to our experience of the i3 road, count about 80 km (but better to take the figure of 60 km for safety) to this range of action with the “Range extender”. It takes 11 hours to fully charge the battery of the i3 to the household current (10a/240v) and still 7:30 to the “Wallbox” of the manufacturer delivering 3.7 KW under 16 A. This charge time would drop to 2:45 with the “Wallbox” of 11 KW/16 A three-phase.

2019 BMW i3s Engine Specs

The real differences between i3 and i3 s fit into the engine and chassis. The “Electric Machine”, as the engineers often say, is more powerful on the “sporty” version: 184 hp vs. 170. This gives the machine a peak speed of 160 km/h (against 150 for the i3). The chassis is sharpened with larger section roll bars and shorter 10 mm special suspension springs. The envelopes gain 20 mm in width which widens the tracks by 40 mm. A “sport” mode activates a better response from the engine and steering to provide a more “athletic” feel in the driving.

2019 BMW i3s Price

2019 BMW i3s Release Date and Price

Are these changes really effective? Tried mainly in the small streets of Lisbon and a little on the secondary network, our i3s did not appear to us fundamentally different from the first generation i3 we had tried much longer. However, the 2019 BMW i3s (without “range extender”) appeared more precise and lively in its reactions. The damping, slightly firmer, is nothing breaker. Do we have to crack for the i3s? It costs € 3 600 more than the basic i3 (46 886 € against 43 286 €). To say the bottom of our thinking, this version does not bring much more to this cleverly designed electric city. Marketing, when you hold us

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