2019 BMW M4 CS Review; Sporty, Powerfull, Just Damn God Stunning!

Friday, October 6th, 2017 - BMW
2019 BMW M4 CS Seating Capacity

Read our review of the 2019 BMW M4 CS standard features, Redesign and Changes Interior Exterior, Price, and Release Date.
Barely watered-down Version of the BMW M4 GTS, the M4 CS cures the versatility of use. The clientele of the faithful, frustrated not to have been able to benefit from the radical M4 GTS edited at only 700 units in the world, regains the smile. Munich unsheathes A mesmerizing variant Clubsport of its M4 coupé. Derived from the GTS, the CS also responds to the category of non-standard and non-standard sports. Only 2500 copies of this new car will be produced for all markets. So to say that amateurs will not have to drag because this “civilized” GTS is arguably the best M4. It is at the M4 GTS what the 911 GT3 touring revealed in Frankfurt is at the GT3: a Coupe de Grand touring concealing under a dress less demonstrative of performances close to its big sister.

The designers had to replace the spectacular rear fender adjustable by a small carbon spoiler on the edge of the trunk, the star rims by a ten-pointed drawing and the fine aerodynamic blade front adjustable by a fixed device plus Conventional, the 2019 BMW M4 CS is noticed at first glance. For the rest, the CS is indeed a GTS. The domed engine cowl is largely low, the pavilion and rear diffuser are made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). In addition to a weight gain of around twenty kilos, the use of this high-tech material is involved in the reduction of the center of gravity. The swollen wings accommodate the large-size tires of the GTS: the Michelin Sports Cup 2 developed to optimise circuit performance. Those who are reluctant to know this particular exercise will opt for the Pilot Super Sport, more comfortable on wet pavement. The Cup 2 soft gums impose an appropriate temperature setting before delivering their potential and are signaled by significant rolling noises.

2019 BMW M4 CS Engine Specs; Sport Power!

Like the GTS, the Clubsport version does not fit into the traffic without triggering some agitation movements. The four exhausts barely filter a full and hoarse music that one does not get tired of soliciting. Is that the 6-cylinders in line 3 liters do not lack breadth. If the motorists did not deem it useful to install the GTS water injection system for cost reasons, the CS embarks on all the BMW technology Arsenal: Fully variable Valvetronic distribution, variable timing of camshaft (double Vanos), Magnesium Oil sump.

The torque of 600 Nm is identical to that of the GTS, while the power drop of 40 hp but still claims 460 hp at 6 250 rpm. The performance is barely lower. The CS only makes 0.1 seconds (3.9 s) to reach the 100 km/h and 10 seconds to complete a round of the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring (7 ‘ 38 ”), the manufacturer’s reference circuit. German Autobahn enthusiasts will also appreciate the presence of the series M drivers Pack moving the electronic flange to 280 km/h.

This 2019 BMW M4 CS reminds us of the stunning M3 CSL which was not far from being in 2003 the absolute reference in terms of sports sensations. As its elder, under a near city outfit offering four places, the M4 CS presents a remarkable homogeneity, reflecting a perfectly calibrated chassis allowing to draw the quintessence of a six-line to the incredible lengthening for a turbocharged engine -The red zone is fixed at 7600 rpm. The seven-speed dual-clutch box participates in the sensations, proposing several passing laws, from the total automation double disengagement included in the Ultra sporty manual with a virtual blow to the passing of the reports.

2019 BMW M4 CS Seating Capacity

2019 BMW M4 CS Price

Model of the genre in terms of finishing and sports atmosphere, the cockpit is modeled on that of the GTS, except the rim of the leather steering wheel instead of the suede. As a result, BMW did not succumb to the temptation to reduce comfort equipment and only the rear door and side panels made of recyclable natural fiber and the replacement of door handles with straps attest to the character of the device. Whoever has had the privilege of getting a purchase order and signing a check of 117,900 euros will not be disappointed. What makes the sale of this model is to be able to join a family circuit and then to loop a few laps at a high rate, with confidence. Despite an additional cost of 30,600 euros which alters the price/benefit ratio of the basic M4, the CS is already a collector figure.

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