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Monday, December 11th, 2017 - DS
2019 DS7 Crossback V8 Engine Gas Mileage

In a Ultraconcurrentiel segment, the 2019 DS7 Crossback stands out with outstanding comfort and a wide variety of interior ambiances.

Ten months after having punctured the screen, the DS7 Crossback is ready to take the road and lead the hard life to the established brands of the premium. If the approach is commendable and deserves encouragement, everything still needs to be done for the young brand of the PSA group that is found in the skin of Audi thirty years ago or Lexus a decade ago.

To meet the challenge, DS will be able to build on a six-model offensive. One per year starting from the 2019 DS7 Crossback. As much as to say that this first of corded plays big because it must establish the credibility of the brand in the high-end by trying to attract in its nets the militants of the French chic and the full of the German luxury.

Entered the world by the big door-it accompanied the first steps of the President Macron-, the first SUV of the history DS can count on some singular trumps to convince. In daylight and in motion, the lines of this new SUV convince.

Some may reproach him for doing a little too much between the vertical light signature obedient each end of the front shield and the tail lamps in scales but the proportions are harmonious. The lateral rib and the marked shoulder are part of the hallmark of a design that skillfully mixes the DS codes with the best of its kind.

2019 DS7 Crossback Tire Size

2019 DS7 Crossback Dimensions

With a length of 4.57 meters, the DS7 represents the right medium between the tenors of the C segment it targets (Audi Q3, BMW x 1, Jaguar E-Pace) and the top category. From the platform of the 3008 elongated 55 mm, it takes advantage to display a comfortable habitable in the five places.

The panoramic sunroof charged 1450 € will, however, oblige the large (over 1.85 m) to bend the spine at the back. Depending on the finish, the rear files are electrically inclined, from 27 to 32 degrees. What to earn almost 100 liters on a chest of 555 liters with a double bottom.

It is mainly through the unprecedented offer of six interior ambiances (Bastille, Rivoli, Faubourg, opera, Performance Line and the first) to mix with finishing levels that DS stands out. From the Chic finish, the DS offers two separate lines.

The first plays on the springs of elegance; The second on the sportsmanship (Performance Line). Some atmospheres suffer from being a little loaded especially with the keys of the large central console adorned with a guilloché but the whole breathes the quality and refers to the artisanal methods of luxury leather goods.

Silky, mottled or padded Nappa leather: Each customer should be able to find the finish that suits him as long as the price is in place. As an example, the “opera” atmosphere associated with the So Chic finish is charged 6 250 euros! The followers of sobriety will opt for the Performance Line which is signaled by the Alcantara upholstery and non-guilloche buttons.

The limited edition of launching “The first” is the one that embodies the most French luxury with its upholstery in ruby leather coordinated with a grey tinted mouse. Its tariff starts at € 53 400 for the HDI 180 version. It adds massaging seats (5 programmes and 3 levels of intensity) and most of the driving aid that hoists the DS7 at the German reference level.

In their obsession with treating wellness on board, designers have neglected the ergonomics a bit. The rear view adjustment knob is located in the lower part of the steering wheel; The heating seats are hidden inside the central console storage; Navigating through the menus of the 12-inch touchpad imposes some explanations.

The diamond-shaped pictograms will also be able to disconcert as well as the gas gauge and the motor water temperature gauge of the obliquely and stick-shaped, at each end of the digital instrumentation.

As with Audi, the driver-facing screen is customizable and can display navigation information. As with most competitors, parts that are not in the occupants ‘ field of view are made of hard plastic. There are no small savings.

The huge electronic plip stored in the pocket or in the central vacuum-pockets, all that remains is to animate this new SUV. Still, need to find the push button? It sits at the top of the central part of the console, between the aerators.

At the start of the engine, a block rotates and reveals a superb watch BRM P180 (+ €400 on some versions). A few kilometers are enough to get to the obvious: the DS7 has focused on comfort. At the price of pumping movements in comfort mode, the only case where the controlled suspension anticipates the deformations of the road thanks to the camera that scans the road (up to 90 km/h).

The Sports mode attenuates the cash flow but with the HDI 180 an artificial rumble in the cockpit and a caricature box management. An “individual” mode to adjust the different organs of the car at its own discretion would not be superfluous. It would keep the engine sound and the 8-speed automatic transmission in comfort mode while taking advantage of a more sustained crate.

2019 DS7 Crossback Driving Performance

In the rain and sometimes the snow that accompanied our tests, the 400 Nm of torque impact the motor skills. The perfect soundproofing, especially with laminated glazing, takes part in comfort. For the same price as diesel of 180 hp (41 400 €), DS proposes a version 1.6 L turbo petrol 225 hp also associated with the automatic transmission with 8 gears and equipped with a particle filter to meet the next Euro 6.2 standard.

With this model, we change the register. One can access another DS, more homogeneous and more efficient thanks to a reduced mass of 115 kg, mainly in the front gear, and at a higher body, without entering the comfort. The accelerations are more convincing, validated by a 0 to 100 km/h shot in 8.3 seconds, or still 1.6 seconds less than diesel.

Unless you are a big roller (at least 30 000 km per year), we recommend the petrol engine, generating more enjoyable sensations. It has the merit of emitting only 6 g/km of CO2 in addition (134 g). Sometime next year, DS is also slipping the small 3-cylinder petrol of 130 hp under the hood of its SUV. It will be associated with a 6-speed manual transmission.

The diesel range will also be enriched by an HDI 130 with the choice of manual or 8-speed automatic transmission. Planned for the second half of 2019, the rechargeable hybrid version E-tense is the product with its 300 horses and its full transmission.

We had the privilege of making two laps of a closed circuit at the wheel of one of the two development prototypes. If it is still too early to talk about accreditation, this version is promising. It combines the 1.6-litre turbo 200 ch with an electrical module of 80 KW (110 hp) placed in the Aisin auto box.

At the rear, there is another electric machine that also delivers 80 kW. In total, 300 hp and 450 Nm of torque are obtained. As long as the 13 kWh battery is charged, the DS7 e-tense starts in electric, thus becoming a propulsion.

DS announces an electrical autonomy of about 50 km with the new standard WLTP. The DS7 is capable of pushing spikes up to 135 to 140 km/h in electrical. Several modes will be offered to the driver, including the one enabling the four-wheel drive.

The weight gain of the order of 250 to 300 kilos is the main disadvantage of this future DS which will be able to comply with the probable prohibitions of the heart of large metropolises to thermal vehicles. DS announces CO2 Emissions of 40 g/km for this model billed almost 65000 euros.

DS dared and was right. The flag bearer of an offensive of six models (one per year), the 2019 DS7 Crossback can restore the taste of French rolling to a fringe of the high-end clientele. From the original DS, the DS7 has inherited a sovereign comfort that now refers to the segment. It adds a sense of personalization never seen at this level of range and finishes that bring new blood into a performed universe.

2019 DS7 Crossback Specs Sheet

Engines: 4-cylinder turbo petrol and diesel, 1,598 and 1 997 cm3.
Power: 225 hp at 5,500 rpm and 180 hp at 3,750 rpm
Torque: 300 nm at 1 900 rpm and 400 nm at 2 000 rpm
Transmission: Traction, automatic gearbox Aisin 8 gears
Dimensions (L/w/h): 4.57/1.89/1.62 mm
Trunk: 550 DM3
Speed: 227 and 215 km/h
0 to 100 km/h: 8.3 and 9.9 s
NEDC consumption: 5.9 and 4.9 l/100 km
CO ² emissions: 134 and 128 g/km
Price: From €41,400

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