2019 Jaguar E-Pace Concep SUV Redesign and Changes

2019 Jaguar E-Pace Concep SUV Redesign and Changes

After the F-Pace, Jaguar continues to develop its SUV range with a more compact model. Without renouncing. here is The 2019 Jaguar E-Pace Review.

Is the Jaguar DNA soluble in the SUV? The question calls on the Scottish Ian Callum, the man who put in the saddle Aston Martin, sketching the lines of the DB7 and the DB9, before coming to exercise his talents at Jaguar. “You will see before the end of the decade that Jaguar does not give up the sports car,” he assured us. Waiting for a return to basics, the SUV is a soft drug that is akin to a magic potion. Intoxicated by the success of its F-pace, which has already attracted more than 100,000 motorists around the world, the luxury English brand is about to rub on the compact segment with a 2019 Jaguar E-Pace (pronounced “I-paice”). Sporting in the soul, this new model does not attack the Range Rover Evoque with which it shares its platform and many types of equipment. It is the first vehicle of the group to be produced outside of England, at Magna-Steyr in Austria.

2019 Jaguar E-Pace is neither an F-pace shortcut of 336 mm nor a “jaguarisé” Evoque. This model with its own personality borrows its genetic heritage from the F-Type sport. This includes the gaping air inlets in the shield, the fish-shaped side windows, the marked shoulder and the tail lights of the GT. The curved pavilion and the cap overlooking the rear bezel contribute to the dynamism of a silhouette that can be embellished with an R-Dynamic finish and wheels up to 21 inches. A discouraged choice with regard to the replacement cost of tires. With 4.39 m long, the E-Pace becomes the smallest model of the range but is placed in the heart of the segment monopolized by the Evoque, the Audi Q3, the BMW x 1 and the Mercedes GLA. Like his rivals he targets, he plays the map of versatility.

From the F-Type, the 2019 Jaguar E-Pace inherits the dashboard with the holding handle for the passenger descending along the central console and delimiting the driver’s space. The rotary selector of the gearbox disappears for the benefit of a classic lever. The driving position is perfect but the rear visibility is very small. To replace the needle instrumentation with a digital display, you will have to pay 736 euros or choose the high-end HSE finish. This adds a host of comfort and safety equipment, in tune with the criteria of luxury. Circulating in the menus of the central touchscreen that drives all the features, except the air conditioning, is not always intuitive, but one can gain serenity by adding the display head high (€1155). In tune with its time, the E-Pace has five USB sockets and a 4 G Wi-Fi terminal allows you to pair up to eight devices. In the rear, past the cramped doors, the space is analogous to that of a Evoque. The undrawn central square is really troubleshooting but the roof guard is intended for people over 1.85 m. If the rear seat does not slide, the chest will widen the gap with a volume of 577 litres. A pity that Jaguar would charge the rails (€369) and the protective net (€159).

2019 Jaguar E-Pace Dimensions; Compact SUV

The first Test gallop of the E-Pace leads us on the narrow roads of Surrey, south of London, where we have to tame the driving to the left and the steering wheel to the right. Among the 4-cylinders 2 liters of the Ingenium family that animate this high-legged feline, Jaguar makes available to us the D180 versions and the P300, associated with the 9-speed automatic transmission. The P300 with direct injection of gasoline, double-camshaft distribution in the lead and completely variable lifting of the intake valves, parade at the top of the range. However, the performance level is barely higher than that of a BMW x 1 231 hp. The fault at a similar weight to the F-Pace and which curls 1.9 ton in running order. The Jaguar SUV pays its weight by high consumption. We found a consumption of 9.2 l/100 km on a route alternating departmental and motorways. Model of softness, the transmission is forgotten and the accelerator must be applied so that it demotes several gears in order to muscle the times. The P300 has thus used us with sports sensations without degrading the comfort, despite the presence of wheels of 20 inches. It also benefits from its Active Driveline transmission to gain agility. Already seen on the Evoque, this system starts in four-wheel drive but runs in traction beyond 35 km/h. He reengages his rear wheels when he perceives a loss of motor skills.

Thanks to the “torque vectoring”, it can also send 100% of the torque on one of the rear wheels to improve the dynamism of the behavior. In Some Country, here  the P300 is unfortunately already condemned by CO2 emissions of 181 g/km which will result in a reinforced malus as of January next. We change the register with the D180. This diesel shines at low and medium rpm where the abundant torque allows for more velvety times. At the price of a less shimmering sound. The Auto box pays its approval by 10 g/km of CO2 in addition. Very abrasive coatings also return rolling noises in the cockpit. Would there be dispersion with the preseries models entrusted? We will check it early 2018 when the first E-Pace arrives at our house. This will also be an opportunity to validate the contribution of the controlled depreciation (+ 1 155 €) on comfort. Finally, the system “configurable Dynamics” (€526) modifying the parameters of the main mechanical organs has appeared useful to us, especially for those who will have to ride in the Hollow and snowy roads.


With the 2019 Jaguar E-Pace, Jaguar has the means to remake the Range Rover Evoque. The vehicle is well born; Comfort and safety equipment at the top of the segment The quality perceived in progress in relation to the last achievements of the manufacturer. In our view, in the current environment of defiance with respect to diesel, a more attractive gasoline version is missing. Why not have a light hybridization?

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