2019 Lexus LS 500h Gas Mileage

2019 Lexus LS 500h Gas Mileage

2019 Lexus LS 500h is The luxury sedan wants to embody the best of Japanese technology and tradition. Especially for his passengers.

Is it still a car? Isn’t it rather a road ship with the most amazing gadgets and the most advanced embedded systems of the moment? The first contact with a Lexus LS 500h sets the tone. To facilitate access on board, on models equipped with the pneumatic suspension, the crate automatically lifts up to 4 centimetres in order to place itself at the ideal height of the hips of its occupants, estimated exactly 55.5 centimetres by Lexus, while, On the driver’s side, the external lateral support of the seat lowers. When a door opens, the same operations begin again. As a bonus, the driver’s seat straightens and recedes to facilitate the descent of the pilot.

2019 Lexus LS 500h Dimensions, Comfortability

Once installed, the discovery of seats-or rather armchairs-of a 2019 Lexus LS 500h requires a minimum of intellectual investment. They have at the rear 22 positions of pneumatic and electric adjustments. At the front, this figure can, as an option, climb to 28. The massaging functions have been designed in collaboration with specialists in Shiatsu, in order to apply the optimum pressure on the point of the target body (principle of “acupressure”). The result is simply extraordinary.

The right rear seat has a special treatment with a “Relax” position. It tilts the backrest to 48 degrees and advances the front passenger seat as far as possible. The leg clearance reaches more than one meter! It is not over. A “climate Concierge” function monitors the body temperature of all occupants in sixteen areas. It coordinates the heating of the seats (and steering wheel) with the management of air conditioning and ventilation. Who says better?

Brand Young (It was launched in 1989 in California), Lexus builds on the ancestral traditions of the rising sun to better value its approach. The Omotenashi celebrates the hospitality, the Takumi, the know-how of the master craftsmen, the origami, the art of hand folding, applied here to the lining of the doors.

The result is spectacular, but sometimes confusing for a western eye. The Kiriko glass ornamentation, which also decorates the doors, is likely to be dissimilarly appreciated. The quality of the materials, the Assembly of the interior furniture, as well as the finish, deserve no criticism. But the whole, in the face of certain Germanic achievements, lack of cachet.

2019 Lexus LS 500h Engine Performance Review

From an ergonomic point of view, the central screen associated with a small “well” giving the driver the most important information for driving (for example, speed, charge/discharge of the hybrid system battery) seems less successful than the Double screen of which Mercedes equips its S-class.

Lexus had “inspired” the latter for the aesthetics of its first models, resulting in a nasty copy of the German. We measure the path traveled with the 2019 Lexus LS 500h, whose sculptural design, combining tense lines, an aggressive strand, and rounded, appears original and successful. But the huge and gaping grille will not win all the votes.

The grip is disconcerting of ease. Despite its impressive size, its driving is as easy as that of a city girl. The controls are soft and require little effort to be actuated. The suspension, pneumatic on our test car (standard on high finishes), erases the irregularities of the road and reproduces-almost-the effect “flying carpet” of the Citroëns of the Belle Epoque of the rafters. The management is disappointing, however, because a lack of lifts makes it not very communicative. As often, the best is the enemy of the good.

The LS 500h can have an integral transmission (€2940). His box has no less than 10 reports. Its functioning deserves some explanations.

As with a Toyota Prius (recall that the Lexus is the luxury brand of the Japanese group), it is, in fact, an electronic dimmer on which a four-report box has been grafted which artificially delivers ten positions. According to the explanations given by the Lexus specialists, the first report manages the first three positions; The second, fourth, fifth and sixth; The third, seventh, eighth and ninth; And finally the fourth report, the tenth and last position. Are you following?

In short, if you do not always know what is going on under the hood, these devices reproduce correctly the operation of a classic automatic box. But the sense of skating of the transmission, well known to the Prius drivers, reappears when the accelerator is strongly crushed. A relatively frequent maneuver when it comes to reviving this car of 2.4 tons.

If not, straight lines or turns, the LS 500h offers road qualities in the image of its temperament: exemplary, but not very demonstrative. It has, of course, all the most innovative driving aids. With the exception of an engine that gives voice during acceleration phases, it is most of the time very quiet, especially with special rims with a rolling noise reducing device. To enjoy the Mark Levinson installation (optional) which, with its 23 loudspeakers, transports you to a concert hall.

2019 Lexus LS 500h Review; Conclusion

The 2019 Lexus LS 500h is more enjoyable in the passenger’s place (especially on the right rear) than the driver’s, even if the rider now enjoys all the attention. It’s a car that you buy first of all to be driven. Lexus plans to sell a hundred a year in France, 40% at the big discount and hotels and 45% with business executives anxious to drive in a vehicle considered cleaner. For the hybrid rebels, the LS 500 will also be available with V6 3.5 L bi-turbo developing 421 hp.

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