2019 Mercedes X Class Review, Price, Interior, Engine Specs

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 - Mercedes
2019 Mercedes X Class Truck Pickup Double Cabin Interior Price and Release Date

Sensitive to the vogue that touches this type of vehicles, the brand to the star adds a dumpster in its range. A pickup truck at Mercedes? The Star brand has just crossed the step with a double-cabin 2019 Mercedes X Class, the bucket of which has a carrying capacity capable of rotating the head of any construction contractor normally constituted: more than a ton! The pick-up has the wind in the stern, and not only in the professionals: its sales, in a double cabin, have increased by more than half in here between 2015 and 2016. Its “Great American spaces” image coupled with a reputation for robustness, as well as its 4 × 4 transmission, may even be worth it to occupy the place of an SUV, especially within the mountain homes. A lack of ecological malus and reduced taxation (no tax on company vehicles or depreciation ceilings) also helped him in his progression. “Something has moved.” Used in a private setting, the pick-up is no longer perceived as a utility, confirms the general manager “Vans” of Mercedes-Benz.

To quickly invest this segment, the star firm has not developed a specific model. For its class X, it uses the Nissan navaa platform, which Renault has also chosen for its Alaskan. Mercedes says that it has invested 900 million euros to modify the Japanese vehicle and adapt the production tool to its requirements. The German manufacturer intervened in the smallest aspects of the car. Thus, no sheet metal panel or cockpit element is common with the Navan, whose lanes have been widened and the dynamic features improved. The traditional “ladder” chassis has even been strengthened in order to be able to host a 258 hp “home” Diesel V6 next year. At the moment, class X is content with the motorization and transmission provided by Nissan: a four-cylinder diesel, with a power of 163 or 190 hp, coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission or auto 7-speed gearbox. It is available in single propulsion or 4 × 4.

2019 Mercedes X Class Review

The result of the “reconditioning” operated by Mercedes is tangible. Beautifully carved flanks enhance the standing of the bodywork while the front carries the codes of the Swabian-label SUV. But the most spectacular is the treatment of the cockpit. Without having the stamp of a class S, it is endowed with quality materials, even in the bottom of the dashboard, where the plastics are not foam. Some difficult ergonomic faults (non-adjustable steering wheel in depth, misplaced USB socket, for example) denote in this luxurious universe. They refer to the origin more plebeian of the vehicle, just like the vibrations in the steering wheel once the integral transmission is engaged, as in the good old days.

With a multiarm suspension associated with coil springs and not traditional pick-up blades, the 2019 Mercedes X Class is comfortable as an SUV. It holds almost as well the road, but it has to contend with its gigantic size (5.34 m), a spongy brake pedal, and a mass of more than 2 tons. The engine and the box are in trouble, to the point that, when we tried on the roads of Corsica, we wondered if some donkeys had not slipped among our cavalry of 190 horses. In four-wheel drive, the class is an impeccable franchisor, playing Fords, cant and slopes in good-natured adventurer.

In good Mercedes, 2019 Mercedes X Class offers lists of options and long accessories like days without bread. You can close it with a hard top (3 708 €) or a retractable tipper (2435 €). One can also equip it with all the small attentions of the modern automobile World: Change of File alert, automatic parking system, large format GPS screen, and even panoramic camera, useful when it is necessary to pass obstacles. The addition will be heavier each time, which can increase the rate of the class X to more than 50 000 €. Yes, the pickup has well left its utilitarian condition.

2019 Mercedes X Class Review and Rating

So, should we crack for this “premium” pickup? Yes, if you and your family like to travel loaded and all the time, and sometimes you tow a boat or a van. Given the size of the craft, the townspeople will be able to legitimately hesitate. We are not in America, where the pick-up is king, and parking spaces are not yet here adapted to its size. Difficult to invite a Texas Ranger to dine if you live in a small Parisian street or Lyon. As for those who appreciate the pleasures of flying, they will have to make a reason once driving an X class.
Specs Sheet

  • Capacity: 2 298 cm3
  • Type: 4 Cylinders Online
  • Power: 190 hp at 3 750 rpm
  • Torque: 450 Nm to 1 500-2 500 rpm
  • Transmission: Integral, automatic box 7 reports
  • Dimensions: 5 340 × 1 920 × 1 819 mm
  • Safe: 2, 141 m2 Tipper
  • Weight: 2 234 kg
  • Performance
  • 0-100 km/H: 11, 8 s
  • Speed: 175 km/h
  • EU mixed consumption: 7 9 L/100 km
  • CO ² emissions: 207 g/km
  • Price: 49 691 € (“Power” finish)

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