2019 Renault Captur S-Edition; Specs, Detail, Price & More

Monday, April 23rd, 2018 - Renault
2019 Renault Captur S-Edition Interior Changes

Here is The 2019 Renault Captur S-Edition, Limited Series With “Sport” Engine. Renault launches a limited series S-Edition of its small SUV capture, equipped with an unreleased four-cylinder turbo petrol developing 150 hp. There’s going to be some sport.

The War of the small urban SUV is full. The Renault capture, the French star of the category, is now confronted with much more competition than at its launch in 2013. Starting with the Citroën C3 Aircross, the Hyundai Kona, the Kia Stonic and the Seat Arona.

The response of Renault takes the form of a limited series S-Edition, S as Sport. On the menu, an exclusive blue tint, a black or grey roof, black diamond rims in 17 inches and, inside, a mixed leather/Alcantara upholstery with blue stitching found on the central armrest, the speed lever bellows and the Handbrake.

The real novelty is that in addition to the 4-cylinders Turbo 1.2 Tce 120 which already appeared in the catalog, this limited edition is proposed with an unreleased 1.3 TCe 150 which, as its name implies, develops 150 ch. It will finally allow the catch to rub against its most powerful rivals, including the productions of the Volkswagen group equipped with TSI 150. Only the Hyundai Kona (177 hp) remains out of reach.

This new Renault block with an exact capacity of 1,330 cm3 was inaugurated very recently by the Scénic and will eventually benefit the entire range, Twingo excepted. With a variable distribution and an electronically driven turbo discharge valve, it provides 250 Nm of torque and is very flexible.

2019 Renault Captur S-Edition Interior Changes

This TCe 150 will be associated, at choice, with a six-speed manual or automatic EDC dual clutch and 7 Speed. The latter shows the best results in terms of consumption and emissions of CO ², with 5.3 L/100km and 118 g/km, compared to 5.4 L/100km and 121 g/km for the manual gearbox.

On the other hand, the automatic capture TCe 150 concedes a full second to the manual version in the exercise from 0 to 100 km/h, claiming 9.2 seconds instead of 8.2 seconds. For comparison, the Seat Arona en equipped with the TSI 150 coupled with a manual gearbox passes the same test in 8 seconds.

Finally, without matching the equipment of the original high-end Paris, this limited series S-Edition benefits from an endowment enriched with the latest evolution of the multimedia system R-Link, a blind spot detector, parking radars, a backup camera and of a niche aid.

2019 Renault Captur S-Edition Price

The catch S-Edition, powered by the TCe 150, is available to order from €24,600, a price slightly higher than the Seat Arona FR displayed at €24,095. And, the price rises to €26,200 with the double clutch box EDC 7.

2019 Renault Captur S-Edition; Specs, Detail, Price & More Pictures

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