2019 Subaru XV Review; Great Small Crossovers

Monday, December 18th, 2017 - Subaru
2018 Subaru XV Interior Specs Pictures

Under an SUV-made sedan body, the 2019 Subaru XV is a crossover that conceals Unsuspected road and crossing capabilities.

Subaru forged a name and a solid reputation for performance and robustness by winning three World Rally Championship titles in the late nineties. The secret of the Impreza, its blue car, was then based on a new architecture, consisting of a 4-cylinder flat-type boxer and a full “symmetrical” transmission that is now found throughout the range.

Subaru is one of those brands that don’t hesitate to go off the beaten track. His engineers were the first to transpose the four-wheel drive on the road, before Audi.

A generalized transmission to the whole range does not help to reduce CO2 emissions. This explains the low spread of this Japanese brand in Europe, while its models are very popular in the United States and Canada.

The most popular model is the crossover XV born in 2012. Subaru has already sold 700,000, including 70,000 in Europe. Its owners state that full transmission was their first purchase criterion (89%), with reliability (57%), ground clearance (48%) and compactness (41%). Relative compactness, since the length of the new 2019 Subaru XV is 4.47 metres.

2019 Subaru XV Turbo AWD Performance Reviews

This second generation is based on an unprecedented platform, premiered this year by a new Impreza which, by the way, has definitively put an end to its sporting career. For the XV, Subaru remained true to its principles, merely modernising a proven concept.

The new model is however longer and wider than 20 mm. It is also higher than 45 mm because, victim of the SUV fashion, it now sports roof bars. No part of the old bodywork has been preserved and yet the silhouette remains familiar. It is noted that the capacity of the chest progresses by 5 litres, to 385 litres.

Aesthetically, the 2019 Subaru XV of the 2018 vintage does not demode its predecessor. On the other hand, substantive work has made it possible to optimise the functioning of its powertrain and to improve its road qualities.

Its 4-cylinder Boxer gasoline remains available in version 1.6 litre. It will be preferred the 2 litres which is better suited to a mass of 1.4 ton, up by thirty kilos.

Despite 80% of new parts, including the installation of a direct injection, consumption and emissions of C0 ² of the XV 2.0 stagnate at 6.9 L/100 km and 155 g/km, which would unfortunately be worth an ecological malus which will rise to €3,113 in 2018, compared to €1,613 for XV 1.6.

The only gearbox remaining in the catalogue, the automatic Lineartronic with dimmer now simulates 7 reports. In XV 2.0, the driver can call them from two pallets located behind the steering wheel. If the dimmer is a model of softness in the city, it maintains a tendency to get packed under heavy acceleration that is annoying in the mountains.

This is all the more regrettable as the efforts to improve the chassis bear fruit. The new XV is quieter and more dynamic than its predecessor on a winding road.

It takes less roll in turn, a progress achieved by slightly degrading comfort on bad roads. The integral transmission becomes permanent, with a basic distribution of torque between the axles of 60/40%.

Other reasons for satisfaction, an improvement in the perceived quality in the cockpit and a series of upgrades. It includes, in addition to the sunroof and leather upholstery, an 8-inch screen navigation, Apple car Play compatibility and Android Auto and monitoring of blind spots. Not to mention the Eye Sight, a homemade pack of seven driving aids.

The most surprising is the capacity in all terrain of this new 2019 Subaru XV . With a ground clearance of 22 cm, a variable distribution of torque as a function of skating, an electronic descent aid and suitable tyres, this crossover can be shown in many SUV’s.

If the XV has progressed in many areas, to the point of becoming a credible alternative to some premium models, its imposed dimmer box and the disappearance of the economic diesel engine should restrict its diffusion. The rest is that Subaru told us that its new platform was designed to receive a hybrid or electric motorization, and that its offer was therefore called to expand.

2019 Subaru XV Technical Specs Sheet

  • Engine: 4-cylinder boxer, 1,995 cm3
  • Power: 156 hp at 6,000 rpm
  • Torque: 196 Nm at 4,000 rpm
  • Transmission: Permanent integral, CVT box
  • Dimensions (L/L/h): 4.465/1.800/1.615 mm
  • Weight: 1,439 kg
  • Chest: 385/1.290 DM3
  • Speed: 194 km/h
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 10.4 S
  • NEDC consumption: 6.9 L/100 km
  • Emissions of C0 ²: 155 g/km
  • Price: €31,990.

2019 Subaru XV Review; Great Small Crossovers Pictures

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