2019 Volkswagen Polo Test Drive; The Next Polo Generations

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 - Volkswagen
2019 Volkswagen Polo Release Date and Prices

Preview, we were able to take the controls of a prototype of the next generation of the Volkswagen Polo, 2019 Volkswagen Polo. released at the end of the year.

Last December, Volkswagen urged South Africa, in the Kalahari desert, a few reporters preferred to take the wheel of the prototypes of their 2018 new products development. This is how we were able to test for dozens of kilometers the next ArtĂ©on, Up! GTI, Tiguan lengthened T – Roc and Polo while ensuring a particularly draconian timetable of dissemination of our impressions. The embargo has to be lifted for the sixth generation of the Polo, which will have the difficult task to continue success story marked by more than 14 million cars produced since 1975.

Although Volkswagen still maintains suspense on the style by concealing the forms behind a camouflage, the next 2019 Volkswagen Polo remains in step with the philosophy House, favoring evolution reasoned to the revolution. Under enough agreed outside that earned him the epithet of ‘small Golf’, more than ever, the sixth Polo changes in depth. She enjoys first MQB A0 platform. Inaugurated by the recent Seat Ibiza, this architecture gives access to the latest technology developed by the Volkswagen Group. The German automaker is especially attached to make his most versatile “Ant”. Wheelbase will rise to 104 mm to 2 564 mm while the length progresses so close to 90 mm to 4 053 mm. The next Polo will thus become the largest city and the more habitable. This is true particularly in the rear seats that can accommodate easily templates more of 1.80 m. trunk also benefit of a volume increased to exceed the 300 liters.

2019 Volkswagen Polo Dimensions

From the first kilometers on a Ribbon of particularly abrasive asphalt, it is pleasantly surprised by the quality of sound, to make the 3-cylinder 1-liter 70 kW (95 HP) yet so characteristic sound almost inaudible. Handicapped by a very long multiplication, accelerations are average, nothing more. We must also say that the test conditions are not the most favorable with four adults aboard and a thermometer flirting with 40 degrees which require selecting the highest level of air conditioning.

Unlike the Seat Ibiza we have tried recently and makes us the strong impression, the 2019 Volkswagen Polo presented some imperfections including at the level of depreciation with vibrations at low speeds. A defect that engineers assured correct by commercialization at the end of the year.

Also on the inside, the Polo has a golf. As on the new Ibiza, the occupants will really feel roll outclassed with a dashboard made plastic framed the most beautiful effect and a worthy superior staffing. Like the Golf, the Polo yields to the tendency to reduction buttons and becomes visible as a generous, oriented touchscreen on the driver side.

Finally, to reduce its carbon footprint, the new 2019 Volkswagen Polo is no exception to the downsizing of engines. Privileged, the gas range revolves around four 3-cylinder 1-litre TSI, two air versions of 65 and 75 HP and two turbocompressors versions of 95 and 115 HP. A view but not tried GTI version will Crown supply gasoline with a 4-cylinder 2-liter 200 hp. The GTI lineage affiliation will be reflected through a red ring surrounding the case and its upholstery to the tartan pattern. Less popular in the category of urban, diesel powertrains are more than two in number: 1.6 l 80 HP and 90 HP. These two blocks will have the best clean-up of the market system, the SCR (NOx with AdBlue catalyst). As for gasoline engines, they will be equipped with a particulate filter. This device becomes compulsory with the Euro 6 C standard by September 2017 for a whole new vehicle launched. A period of one year is allowed for vehicles already on the market to comply with the new standard. One can understand that VW adopts the best technological arsenal. It is not a question of itself open to criticism after the scandal of the fixing diesel engines.

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