2020 BMW M2 Competition; The Extreme Version

Friday, April 20th, 2018 - BMW
2020 BMW M2 Competition Acceleration

Here is The New 2020 BMW M2 Competition, BMW Motorsport has just slipped the 6-cylinders of the M3/M4 under the bonnet of an M2 proudly displaying the Competition label.

Motorsport’s engineers, BMW’s sports subsidiary, are never short of imagination. Their last find: to climb into the small crate of the M2, the 6-cylinder Biturbo They had developed for the duo M3/M4. What a great idea! Until we can check if the graft has taken, the simple description of this evolution called Competition has enough to make more than one M addict drool.

With 410 hp and especially 550 Nm available, the M2 Competition will, for sure, be the most beautiful to go drifter. 410 CH, it’s 40 hp more than originally, but it’s also 21 hp less than in the M3/M4. This slight difference is probably due to the lack of air/water exchanger in the M2 Competition.

2020 BMW M2 Competition Special Features

The couple, on the other hand, the account is good. It must be said that 2020 BMW M2 Competition and M3/M4 use exactly the same manual and robotic double-clutch gearboxes. Without excessively burning the rubber of tires, whose dimensions do not evolve, the 0 to 100 km/h is shipped in 4.4 s, even 4.2 s with the box M DCT.

This is a small tenth of a win compared to the M2 cut and one of lost compared to the M4. Thanks to its CFRP roof and aluminium body parts, the latter remains lighter in effect by 53 kg. In front of Competition, the M2 increased from 55 kg to 1,550 kg.

2020 BMW M2 Competition Engine Specs & Performance

To explain this slight weight gain, it is necessary to turn to the engine which is supercharged by two turbines instead of one and necessitated an increase in the size of the radiators intended for its cooling, as well as the addition of an oil radiator. In fact, a warning eye will notice the expansion of the air inlets into the front shield.

Other distinctive signs, new adaptive front lights, mirror and specific forged aluminium rims, black grille processing and chopsticks surrounding the side glazing, and optional grey brake calipers. The latter have six pistons at the front and four at the rear and they pinch new discs of 400 and 380 mm in diameter.

More discreet, as in the M3/M4, an anti-carbon fiber bar rigid The crate at the front. More sound, the M2 Competition receives, like them, an exhaust muffler with controlled valves which allows to modulate the note and the volume according to the mode of driving.

Interior Of New New M2 Competition

In the cockpit, the difference is made by black circled meters, a leather steering wheel with M1/M2 keys, a carbon fibre dashboard decor, a red starter button and optional M Sport bucket seats with built-in headrests.

2020 BMW M2 Competition Release Date and Price

All this for the modest sum of  €66,950, or €2,400 more than the M2 cut it will replace, but €18,850 less than the M4. The production of the M2 Competition will begin on 1 July in the Leiptzig factory. The first deliveries are scheduled for the beginning of September.

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