2020 Citroën Berlingo Van Review; Successful than Ever

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018 - Citroën
2020 Citroën Berlingo Van 7 Seater Gas Mileage

While he has passed the most, 2020 Citroën Berlingo Van closer a little sedan benefits without denying his playful spirit.

While the minivan brands him not, replaced in the heart of motorists by the SUV, the trekka ever came. Civilized emanation of a utility, this Swiss army knife of the recreational vehicle is considered to be a smart buy. Initiator in 1996 of the revival of a genre was born with the Matra-Simca Rancho, 2020 Citroën Berlingo Van has already exceeded the 1.7 million units.

Yet, his beginnings were Wheezy and are the moment it is enriched by sliding side doors that his career took off. The evidence that this car phenomenon does not know the crisis, last year, on the eve of his retirement, the second generation broke his record sales. But if he wants to continue to seduce a clientele for two-thirds without children at home and a third senior and defend its position in the face of organized competition, the Berlingo has to evolve.

It is made with the arrival of a third version somewhat revamped and based on a puzzle platform combining to the front of the C5 Aircross (EMP2) and for the rear the current (RG5). Style away more of his commoner’s origins is countering last rafters codes, including the double light signature and side guards ‘air bumps’ generalized throughout the range. The adventurer run XTR with front and rear hooves, touches of orange color and sports rims, enhances the status of the Berlingo. For the first time, the Citroën MPVs can hide another. The standard model of 4.40 m long will get rich at the end of the year an XL (1,000 euros) extended version 350 mm including 190 mm at the level of the wheelbase.

Trunk volume wins still 253 liters (850 l) under the shelf while the length of loading progresses from 35 cm to reach 3.05 m thanks to the front passenger seat folds in the portfolio. From 5 to 7 places, it will cost 700 euros. Citroën thinks that taxis should appreciate the model XL 7 seats including two row 3 seats are folding and sliding on a range of 130 mm.

2020 Citroën Berlingo Van M Versions

The influence of the sedan is clear penetrating aboard. A modern tablet turned to the driver and overlooking the central console provides the human-machine interface. Plastics can keep for some brand utility but the presentation is generally flattering. Posh finishing Shine has the same right to a panoramic glass roof which floods the Interior of light. Despite assists a little flat and a wheel located horizontally, the driving position is correct. Ergonomics has progressed and what makes the sale of this vehicle, the modularity and versatility of use will always be an attraction for the young and old. The Berlingo is full of storage, 28 total for a volume of 186 liters. Find an object can turn the treasure hunt if you head in the air. Two installed facing front passenger glove boxes (the upper can be refrigerated), we can add door bins, storage in the rear floor and the device Modutop including a translucent tray through the center of the Pavilion and a chest above the trunk. This last, accessible from the rear seats or from the opening rear window, supports a load of 10 kg and has a capacity of 60 liters.

From next year, the Berlingo will offer three folding rear seats individually in a jiffy. For completeness, these include tablets aviation for the rear passengers, also the cargo cover adjustable in height. It supports a load of 25 kg and can be used as a changing table. Families will appreciate.

The last doubts remaining on the growing influence of the universe of the sedan fade in roared the engine by pushing a button. A translucent blade acting HUD gushes from the end of the plank. The gear lever is at hand on the elevated console. The Berlingo can also receive the automatic transmission to 8 reports that upscale models of the group. It is activated using a rotating wheel and can be controlled by paddles behind the wheel. It is currently only available with the 4 cylinders HDi 130 HP. This combination won us over for her general enjoyment resulting from a careful soundproofing, decent performance and comfort perfectly mastered despite the absence of suspensions at water stops for the brand sedans. It will, however, take all ask him.

The high center of gravity and the emphasis on comfort to pay by a certain inertia cornering. Conducted as a good father of the family, the Berlingo will not disappoint. This version provides the pleasant time’s thanks to the torque of 300 Nm but we blame him the brutality of the system stop & start. Consumption has been measured, the onboard computer indicating an average of 6.1 l / 100 km, but we noted that at 80 mph in the County, the auto box positioned on the penultimate report. Unlike that bombard, the public authorities, the speed reduction on the two-way tracks without separate floor will increase consumption and CO2 emissions. If you prefer a model gas, we recommend waiting for the 3 cylinders Pure Tech 130 Hp available next spring. Version 110 Horsepower appeared us too indolent to serve a car close to 1 500 pounds in working order.

Finally, the sedan platform used to access the latest technology of assistance to the conduct. The 2020 Citroen Berlingo Van ship so drowsiness detectors, involuntary crossing of line, risk of collision and angle-death, reading road signs, automatic emergency at low speed braking, the electric parking brake and the Grip Control System adapting the motor of the vehicle to the nature of the terrain and couple to the downhill speed control system. Under certain conditions, this device is not enough to get off the beaten track but Citroën has renewed the variant four-wheel drive to high ground clearance made by the coachbuilder Dangel.

2020 Citroën Berlingo Van Review; Verdict

In line with the latest developments in the brand, the Berlingo is more successful than ever. Reviewed from top to bottom, he departs a bit more utilitarian universe to ogle on the sedan. He finds on his way his cousin Rifter Peugeot distinguished by a markedly different style, the adoption of the i-Cockpit and a rate increase. A question of taste and colors.


  • Engine: 4-cylinder HDI turbo diesel 1 499 cm3 and 3-cylinder Tech Pure essence 1.199 cm3
  • Power: 130 HP at 3,750 rpm, 110 HP at 5,500 rpm
  • Torque: 300-205 Nm at 1,750 RPM
  • Transmission: Traction, auto box. 8 reports and meca. 6 reports
  • Dimensions (L/w/h): 4.378/1.848/1.471 mm
  • Chest: 375 liters
  • Weight: 1,356 kg
  • 0-100 mph: 11.2 and 11.5 s
  • Speed: 184 and 175 km/h
  • Consumption (NEDC joint): 4.4 and 5.5 l / 100 km
  • CO² emissions: 116 and 125 g/km
  • Price: from 28.150 and €21,950

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