2020 Ford Fiesta Active Crossover – Specs, Dimensions, Price

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2020 Ford Fiesta Active X Release Date and Price

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Crossover – Specs, Dimensions, Price – To conquer a clientele of city-dwellers in need of adventure, the Ford Fiesta does not hesitate to put on the panoply of the perfect little SUV.

Fashion is the SUV. Never mind, Ford, which already has three in its range with the Ecosport, Kuga, and Edge, now complete its offer with an Active range supposed to transform a sedan crossover. Increased ground clearance, body protections, roof racks … and here we go!.

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Dimensions

The last generation of Fiesta is the privilege to inaugurate the miracle recipe, but it will also be applied, without delay, to the KA + and the 2020 Ford Focus. Thus, the 2020 Ford Fiesta Active sees its ground clearance increased by 1 cm, while its driver is sitting almost 2 cm higher.

In total, with the roof bars, the height of the 2020 Ford Fiesta Active borders on 1.50 meters, 2 cm more than the standard model. The specific shields of the Active version also increase its length by 3 cm. The habitability ratings, on the other hand, do not change. Only the volume of the trunk, seat in place, increases from 9 liters to 311 liters.

Well camped on its 17-inch wheels, Fiesta des Champs is ready for the escape. In addition to its ground clearance of 15 cm, its possible off-road excursions will be facilitated by specific suspension settings and a low grip driving mode that adjusts ESC traction control and ESC stability control accordingly.

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Crossover Review

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Interior

Inside, the dashboard and its large touchscreen perched in the center of the dashboard are consistent with what is found in a Fiesta Titanium, with the difference that the standard version of the Active version is even more generous. It includes sports seats in series and a small leather steering wheel “treated to resist sun creams”.

All the alterations made to the Fiesta to transform it into a crossover are heavy consequences. On the scale, with equal power, the Fiesta Active is overweight at 77 kg. Thus, the consumption and C0² emissions of our test specimen, powered by the excellent 1.0-liter EcoBoost 3-cylinder 140 hp, stand out at 5.2 l / 100 km and 119 g / km against 4.5 l / 100 km and 102 g / km for a standard Fiesta equipped with the same engine.


  • Engine: 3 cyl. EcoBoost gasoline turbo, 998 cc
  • Power  : 140 hp to 6,000 rpm
  • Torque  : 180 Nm to 1,500 / 5,000 rpm
  • Transmission: Traction, 6-speed manual transmission
  • Dimensions (L / W / H)  : 4.068 / 1.783 / 1.498 mm
  • Safe  : 311 / 1.093 dm3
  • Weight: 1.241 kg
  • 0 to 100 km / h: 9.4 s
  • Speed  : 200 km / h
  • Consumption : 5.2 l / 100 km
  • CO2 emissions : 119 g / km
  • Price: starting from 22.100 €

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Price

This is the price to pay, with performance slightly down, to look like an SUV. Not to mention a price increase of around € 2,000 between an Active Plus and a Titanium. The fans of the genre will be consoled by considering that it remains lower than the price of a real SUV like the Ecosport which is still 2.000 € more expensive.

The Fiesta Active preserves intact the road qualities of the sedan. Raised or not, this city car is distinguished by excellent handling combined with remarkable comfort. The handicap of a raised box is compensated by the installation of shock absorbers with hydraulic stops, as in the Citroën C4 Cactus and a careful soundproofing.

If we put aside the low-cost Dacia Sandero Stepway, apart from the Hyundai i20 also named, Active, other city cars grimed in SUV are rare. Still, the vocation of a New Ford Fiesta Active is not so far from that of a real urban SUV such as the Peugeot 2008. And, in this case, the price of the Ford is attractive. Note finally that fans of the automatic transmission will have to fall back on the 100 hp version, available from 20,800 €.

2020 Ford Fiesta Active Crossover – Specs, Dimensions, Price Pictures

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