2020 Honda CR-V Redesign; Best Seller 7 Seater SUV!

Saturday, March 24th, 2018 - Honda
2020 Honda CR-V Interior Changes

More than ever in American format, the New 2020 Honda CR-V will be able to accommodate, for the first time in the history of the model, up to seven passengers.

This is precise for the fifth generation of the CR-V, the second most sold compact SUV in the world in 2017, behind the Nissan X-Trail and in front of the Toyota RAV 4, which is also widely reviewed. Unveiled at the Frankfurt show last September, Honda’s bestseller will be launched in Europe next fall. To meet the evolving expectations, especially those of the Americans, followers of the model, the next SUV of the Japanese brand sees its dimensions revised upward. The wheelbase progresses by almost 30 mm and the length now approximates the 4.60 m.

Result: This new vehicle will be able, for the first time in its history, to receive seven people in three rows of seats. The manufacturer does not specify the loading volume in this configuration and merely announces that the occupants of Tier 3 will be able to rely on careful accessibility and on 101-degree reclining files. But this versatility of use will remain the privilege of the version with the petrol engine. The hybrid traction chain system, which equips the 2020 Honda CR-V for the first time, occupies too much space to allow the presence of a third row.

Technical Specs

  • Engine: 4-cylinder petrol turbo, 1,498 cc, 173 or 193 hp, 220 or 243 Nm
  • Transmission: Integral or traction, CVT or 6-speed gearbox
  • Dimensions: L. 4.60, l. 1.85, h. 1.67 m
  • Consumption: 7.1 and 6.3 l / 100 km
  • CO2 emissions: 158 and 143 g / km
  • Speed: 200 and 210 km / h
  • Price: 29.750 € / 34.700 €

2020 Honda CR-V Redesign

He was born at a time when we were not talking about SUV but all-road vehicle or leisure. It was a little over twenty years ago. A pioneer of a new car genre, the CR-V was formulating a new contract with motorists, stimulating the adventurous side of them. We know what happened. The SUV has established itself as the world standard for the sector. As for the CR-V, with already nearly 10 million units sold, it has become the most broadcast SUV in the world. His recipe: to seduce mass Americans. That’s why the fifth generation, launched a year ago in the United States and on our roads from next October, responds to a very American vision of the automobile. He favors the benefits of comfort and will be entitled, for the first time, to a hybrid version. Honda in the field of electromobility.

By 2025, the range of the Japanese manufacturer will be 75% electrified. The CR-V will incorporate a new i-MMD technology based on a 2.0-liter Atkinson gasoline 4-cylinder petrol engine with two electric motors to deliver approximately 200 horsepower. While waiting for this model that will ensure 80% of CR-V volumes in France, around 2,000 units, Honda only offers the 1.5-liter 4-cylinder; the diesel being discarded with regard to its growing disinterest.

2020 Honda CR-V Redesign Exterior

2020 Honda CR-V Interior Volume & Capacity

Uniquely new, the fifth CR-V is based on a new platform shared with the Civic and sees its silhouette evolve quite a bit. The lines immediately return to the line of the great Honda SUV, but they have grown in tension and dynamism. The stern treatment evokes the current Volvo with L-shaped lights that seem to emphasize the rear window. If the gauge remains substantially the same, the wheelbase extends from 30 mm to 2.66 m. The increase in the volume of the cabin gives a real feeling of interior space and allows to propose, for the first time, a 7-seat version (+ 1,700 euros). Even though this configuration will not be available with the hybrid model, Honda’s own ingenuity of design and going through the adoption of a tank of

Access to the third rank certainly requires a lot of flexibility, but in any case, the two folding jump stands are aimed at young children. This supposes to have advanced to the maximum the seats of the bench of the rank 2 which slides on an amplitude of 150 mm and to have folded its side seats in the portfolio. They retract easily by pulling a strap from the chest, leaving room for a flat surface. In 7 seats, the trunk volume is really ridiculous (150 liters) but enough to accommodate two suitcases cabin standing. In the 5-seater version, the trunk found colors to 561 liters but it remains worse than the competition. In the best case, the CR-V announces a loading length of 1,830 mm (+ 250 mm) and prides itself on being able to accommodate a 19.5-inch mountain bike frame. In its desire to simplify the daily life of users, Honda has increased the opening angle of the rear doors to 85 degrees (+6 degrees) and designed a rear hatch that is really light to handle. Depending on the version, it can activate bypassing the foot under the bumper.

By entering on board, you will be especially seized by the statutory atmosphere, reflecting progress in perceived quality and materials. The CR-V gives way to the modernism of a sleek horizontal dashboard and high-tech equipment. The head-up display is entering and the central touchscreen is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The CR-V reads road signs, keeps you in line, detects other vehicles in blind spots or collisions, and overcomes a driver’s deficiency by braking in his place if needed. Practical side, the CR-V multiplies the spaces of storage and the ferry of the central tunnel has several possibilities of arrangement.

2020 Honda CR-V Engine Specs & Driving Experience

If we have to wait a few more months before trying the best-selling CR-V in France (the hybrid model), we were able to do several tens of kilometers at the wheel of a 4-wheel drive and CVT transmission version. a traction version and 6-speed manual transmission. First observations: the very horizontally implanted flywheel gives a particular driving position; the soundproofing is particularly neat; the suspensions perfectly absorb the irregularities of the road. The chassis settings betray the priority given to comfort.

Not as dynamic as its European rivals, the CR-V can count on the softness of the continuously variable 7-speed CVT transmission with paddles on the steering wheel to distill a quieter ride. It should be noted that Honda has managed to reduce the slip printing of the transmission. Our consumption has not exceeded 9.5 l / 100 km for this version which behaves like a traction and that sends up to 60% of the torque on the rear wheels when the need of motricity requires it. With the second model tested, the power of the 1.5 l turbo is reduced by 20 hp (173 hp) and the torque of 23 Nm (220 Nm) and CO2 emissions drop by 15 g (143 g), which allows reducing significantly the penalty. The sensations are close to those seen with the all-wheel-drive version, except that the front axle is gaining lightweight and acceleration is progressing.

Review; Verdict

Honda’s new big SUV is more than ever armed to defend its title. It undeniably gains standing as much thanks to its opulent atmosphere as its generous livability and comfort of walking. Its versatility of use also relies on a raised ground clearance of 35 mm to reach 201 mm with the 4-wheel drive version. What facilitates the evolution of the hollow roads. It finally benefits from the image of reliability enjoyed by the brand. There remains the choice of the version. If you do not need the 7 seats, we advise you to wait for the hybrid model. Finally, it is good news, the rates evolve moderately. The entry-level version managed to stay below 30,000 euros.

2020 Honda CR-V in the United States

Already marketed in the United States, this new SUV is endowed with a more rewarding interior and improved ergonomics. The dashboard integrates the top of the central console with a new tablet-type display, while the automatic gearbox is placed on an inclined plane under the air conditioning controls.

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