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Thursday, September 6th, 2018 - Mercedes
2020 Mercedes EQC Price & Availability

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV – The New Electric Stars – Under the EQ label, Mercedes will develop a full range of electric vehicles. The first model, a crossover the size of a C-Class, has just been revealed in Stockholm, Sweden.

The battle of the German premium tenors (Audi, BMW, and Mercedes ) is moving on the field of electricity. That’s Tesla warned. Competition is organized. A few months after Jaguar and its i-Pace, the German builders are ready to enter the scene. While Audi will present its first zero-emission family car, the e-Tron crossover, the week of September 17, and that BMW could lift a corner of its intentions on the occasion of the Paris Motor Show, Mercedes has revealed the first vehicle of the EQ family in Stockholm, in front of an audience of international journalists. This is certainly not the first time that the firm to the star enters the market of the electric car – there has already been a Class B and the famous SLS Electric Drive supercar in 2013 – but this time the ambitions are of a different nature. After winning the first place in the premium market, Mercedes wants to become the reference in the field of electrification. A necessity to meet the CO2 challenge that states have imposed on the automotive industry. This challenge involves the creation of the EQ label, the fourth line of Mercedes models with the standard range, AMG, and Maybach. It is not already excluded to associate the EQ badge with AMG or Maybach.

To signify that it is close to a C-Class in terms of gauge, the first electric vehicle of the EQ family adopts the suffix C. Revealed by Dieter Zetsche, the president of the Daimler group, in Stockholm, this model, which will invest our roads from the summer of 2019, will be produced in the Bremen factory. “We will propose an electric model in each segment by 2022, which represents ten vehicles, including Smart,” said the group boss. Through this vast program of electrification of the range which required an investment of 10 billion euros, Mercedes aims to be at the forefront of the energy transition. In 2025, the manufacturer is betting that its EQ range will represent 15 to 25% of its sales.

First observation: the fluid lines of the 2020 Mercedes EQC are close to the EQ concept seen at the Paris Salon 2016. Around a length of 4.76, with a width of 1.88 m and a height of 1.62 m, the forms are devoid of originality and would almost make the EQC a derivative of the GLC to which it borrows a large part of the platform. The German manufacturer assumes the choice of a reasoned evolution, so as not to divert the customers who could be tempted to convert to the electric one that not to give a note of old to the existing range. The designers have tried to sketch a silhouette is sober and elegant and to boost the flight of the flag. The front side concentrates the main originality: the two optics connected by a black band highlighting the grille seem to form a single block. The light signature based on the optical fiber is unique. The star, always in the center of the front face, and the rod highlighting the upper width of the grille can thus be illuminated. A light strip also crosses the rear of the vehicle.

The reasoned evolution is also in the cockpit which presents a new interpretation of the large digital slab called to become widespread at Mercedes. If the regulars of the brand are not homesick with the recovery of buttons belonging to the Mercedes universe at the center console, the trend for more simplicity is true here. The center console is driver-side for the benefit of ergonomics. The aeration nozzles abandon the airplane turbine design to evoke computer printed circuit boards. Gorden Wagener got these pieces to be pink gold. This hue is found on the first levels of the power indicator.

2020 Mercedes Benz EQC 0-100mph Test

When all the power of the two electric motors is requested, the dial turns white. And switching to recharge mode is indicated by a blue display. Eco-friendly, 2020 Mercedes Benz EQCadopts seat textiles made from recycled materials. The dashboard also innovates with a new surface treatment very silky to the touch and that Mercedes compares to the texture of some sportswear!

Despite a wheelbase of 2,873 mm, the livability disappoints the rear seats. In addition to the small size of the door which makes access on board difficult, it is necessary to mention the incongruous presence coming from an electric vehicle of a central tunnel. In fact, the middle place is really troubleshooting. If the functionality is standard with a 2 / 3-1 / 3 bench that retracts to form a flat floor, the 500-liter load volume is a disappointment. The 2020 Mercedes EQC does not take full advantage of the freedom in terms of architecture that is supposed to offer an electric vehicle. On the other hand, the choice of a crossover made it possible to place the lithium-ion batteries composed of 364 cells under the floor. While they weigh 650 kg, they help to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity.

The safety of the batteries has been the subject of special attention. Engineers have ensured that in the event of an accident, the critical residual tension dissipates very quickly. To avoid any problem during the intervention of the emergency services, Mercedes had the idea to display a data sheet with a QR code to scan, at the connection of the electrical outlet.

2020 Mercedes EQC Engine Specs

The usable battery capacity is 80 kWh. The 2020 Mercedes EQC has two asynchronous electric motors, one per axle, making the vehicle a four-wheel drive on demand. The combined power comes out at 300 kW, or 408 hp and the torque can reach the respective value of 765 Nm. Features that guarantee a 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.1 seconds and a top speed clamped to 180 km / h to preserve battery life. Engineers have developed several strategies for running both engines. In the city at low speed or steady speed on the road or highway, the EQC is a traction, only the front engine works. In other cases, power and torque can be transferred to the rear axle and the car becomes a propulsion. Finally, in case of loss of motor skills,

As always in the case of an electric vehicle, the nerve of war remains the autonomy. According to the NEDC standard, the EQC claims 450 km and a consumption of 22.2 kWh / 100 km. Mercedes takes care to indicate that the radius of action really depends on the way of driving. In real life, we should be closer to 300 km. Engineers have developed five levels of energy recovery. They are operated by the paddle shifters.

Aware that the subject of autonomy is at the heart of the level of acceptance of the electric vehicle, Mercedes expects a lot of Ionity charging infrastructure being deployed on the European motorway network. By 2020, this multi-car consortium will guarantee 400 high-speed charging stations. The EQC then recharges its battery in 40 minutes thanks to a charging power that can accept 110 kW.

2020 Mercedes EQC  SUV – Smart Features

Mercedes has mainly sought to eliminate as much as possible all the fears inherent to the electric car. To preserve the battery life, it is possible to program in advance the desired temperature in the passenger compartment at the time of your departure. Smart GPS navigation chooses the route that provides the best power consumption. Mercedes has even developed an application on a smartphone that allows, already, to record his movements. From these data, it follows an analysis of how his car is used (number of kilometers, time and type, of course, frequencies, …). This behavioral analysis makes it possible to place oneself in the environment of the electric vehicle and to reassure the future purchasers of a zero-emission vehicle.

2020 Mercedes EQC Price

While the EQC will be produced in the Bremen plant, it is already established that the Mercedes compact electric model (EQA) will be manufactured in France at Hambach, in the Smart factory. The batteries will be produced on three continents (Europe, North America, and China) by Deutsche Accumotive, a subsidiary of Daimler. The price of the EQC is not yet fixed but it should not be very far from that of a Jaguar i-Pace. Bet around 80,000 euros.

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