2019 VW T-Roc TSi Review; Specs, Price, Engine, horsepower

Monday, January 1st, 2018 - Volkswagen
Volkswagen T-Roc 2019 Rear angle

2019 VW T-Roc TSi Review; Specs, Price, Engine, horsepower – Far from demerit, the basic version of the T-Roc shows on the contrary that the model of access to the range of Volkswagen SUV is not lacking resources.

In the vast SUV catalog offered by Volkswagen, while waiting for a small T-Cross that will not be long, the 2019 VW T-Roc temporarily occupies the bottom of the ladder, just below the Tiguan. Its length contained at 4.23 meters ranks it among the compact models, and positions it as a possible alternative to Golf.

At the scale of the Volkswagen group, 2019 VW T-Roc TSi is more like the commoner version of the elitist Audi Q2. Judge instead: equipped with the entry-level of the same small 3-cylinder turbo petrol of 115 hp, the T-Roc is displayed from €21,990, against €26,030 for the Q2.

This consequent price differential is the result of Volkswagen’s choice to draw 2019 VW T-Roc prices down. Understand that the stand of the compact SUV proves to be significantly less than that of Golf.

Witness, a dashboard, and doors made of hard plastic. Fortunately, the quality of the joints remains exemplary. Another reason for satisfaction, with the design pack, is a wide color band that brightens the cockpit.

Volkswagen T-Roc 2019 Rear angle

A Volkswagen not too expensive, less chic and less sad, it would not look like a Seat? The Ateca, which is significantly longer (4.36 m), is offered at the same price. By dint of declining offers in all segments, a competition is exercised within the German group. The rest is that it is for the good cause, especially the economies of scale.

Going back to 2019 VW T-Roc, our test copy benefits from the intermediate Lounge finish which, with the small petrol engine, should win a maximum of votes. After completing, last October, the first test with a high-end Carat Exclusive 190 hp with DSG box and full transmission 4Motion, sold €36,650, we came down to a level closer to the aspirations of French motorists.

In the plain light, we find ourselves driving a T-Roc hand-box traction. The standard endowment of the Lounge finish proves to be very complete. We just lamented the lack of hands-free startup. Our car was also equipped with various options, including customizable digital instrumentation (€450).

As in all Volkswagens, a wide range of adjustment of the seat and steering wheel makes it possible to adapt the driving position to all the jigs. The cockpit is slightly less spacious than that of the Golf course, especially in the rear seats, but four adults take their place without difficulty.

2019 VW T-Roc Specs

Without full transmission, the T-Roc earns a larger volume of the trunk: 445 liters instead of 392 liters. As to whether the 115 hp of the small 3-cylinders are sufficient for a family trip with the Trunk, our essay would tend to confirm it.

As long as you play the shift lever, the raises are correct. The reports are excessively long but the car is light, less than 1.2 ton. On the other hand, the 5.1 L/100km announced are a dewatering. On a varied route including urban and motorway routes, we have risen to 8 l/100 km.

In the city, the slight response time of the 1-liter turbo at start-up forces you to lightly wax the clutch to start. The excellent DSG auto box could erase this slight defect but unfortunately, it is not available with this engine.

On the other hand, Volkswagen proposes a depreciation option driven to €1,440 which is not necessary. The comfort/handling compromise offered by standard damping is satisfactory, as are the 17-inch wheels included in the Design Pack (€1,200) with the black roof and the color dashboard.

Lighter and, therefore, brighter than its high-end full-transmission, the entry-level 2019 VW T-Roc is certainly not a discount model. Its small petrol engine of 115 HP also has the advantage of being exempt from Malus. So notice to Queen Golf which was once again the most sold car in Europe last year, the peril is in the house.

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