Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio VS BMW M3 2018; High Voltage Battle

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 - Alfa Romeo, BMW
Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio VS BMW M3

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio VS BMW M3 2018; High Voltage Battle – With the Quadrifolio Giulia, Alfa Romeo is finally a sporty sedan that is able to bear comparison with the BMW M3, the benchmark of the segment.

Alfa Romeo-BMW poster: the absolute fantasy for lovers of rear-wheel drive sports sedans that experienced lively jousting between the two labels over the years 1970-1980. Evaporated in the meanders of the redemption of the Italian firm by the Fiat group in 1987, this unimaginable scenario at the beginning of the current decade becomes a reality with the Giulia, the first sedan propulsion of the Milanese clubs since the famous 75. The beautiful Italian, animated by a biturbo V6 developed by defectors from Ferrari, allow the audacity to challenge the supremacy of the BMW M3 dominating the planet of sports sedans for ages. Missing the Mercedes C 63 S, unavailable on the day of our duel, and the Audi RS4, not yet renewed. As for Lexus, he gave up to continue the adventure of the ISF.

The confrontation of these two cars dressed in sedans, unless it’s the opposite, is above all a matter of power and prestige. Our poster approach 1000 horses. The Italian won the first leg with a whopping 510 HP out of the V6 at 90 degrees to a displacement of 2.9 litres. Too tends to overshadow him: this power level returns the 911 number of stooge. This block aluminum cylinder deactivation design owes much to some stamped Ferrari engines. At BMW, it is also a pair of turbos, but the 6-cylinder 3 litre, according to an immutable tradition of Bavarian home, online. To compete with the Giulia, the choice fell on a M3 version pack Competition delivering 450 HP, 19 HP more than the base model. The two 6-cylinder are associated with an automatic that can be driven by paddles at the wheel: ZF to 8 reports for Giulia (€+ 2100) and double clutch 7-speed for the M3 (€+ 3950) DKG.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio VS BMW M3

These engines took refuge in bodies bodybuilders and punched by a multitude of air intakes. At the stop, our two sports seem ready to pounce and suck up the asphalt. Their extended wings are struggling to contain huge wheels, 20 inches for the M3 and 19 inches for the Alfa. The style remains a matter of taste, but, in the face of pace square and familiar to the German, the Giulia brings a welcome freshness with Latin forms playing on the curves. In both cases, the side skirts are in order just as, to the back, the trunk spoiler, diffuser and four nozzles of exhaust that leave little doubt about their temperament. Inside refers to the stylistic themes. The seduction of the Alfa company was successful but it is at the expense of ergonomics. Navigate in the central screen since the wheel is not a model of clarity and there is no button to return or shortcut keys. Similarly, the small map of the GPS seems to float in the middle of the black screen. At BMW, everything is square, in every sense of the term. Each function is found naturally. In terms of quality of presentation and finished German retains the advantage with materials of higher quality and better assembled. Its Endowment is neater: head-up display, LEDs on the tachometer. The Alfa sign benefits far from being ridiculous but who still bear witness to a lower requirement level. Finally, the remarkable driving position relies on enveloping tubs, leather home BMW, enhanced leather on the sides at Alfa cleaner.

Nod to Ferrari, the Alfa V6 snorts by pressing a red button, at the wheel. His muffled sound disappointed. A liberated exhaust would have been welcome. This is the case on the M3 in Sport mode. This does not prevent the Giulia Quadrifolio display a perfect health. In terms of performance, the gap is very small, the Alfa passing the 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds, 0.1 second less than the M3. In both cases, the thrust is vigorous and instant, phenomenal, but side character, the Giulia extension is most impressive. You can see leaving the M3 take off. The Giulia is the gallop. Without apparent effort and under an avalanche of torque. The ZF box always keep pace. She replies to the tac, at the price of a few spurts in Sport mode and vibrations at improper speeds on our roads. The Race mode of the system DNA acting on the principal organs of the vehicle is to be reserved for the use of the circuit where you will appreciate the efficiency of the brakes in carbon-ceramics (€7350). In real life, the ‘by-wire’ braking dictates very artificial sensations, with the unpleasant feeling of not answering the injunctions of the driver at low speed in town.

Wanted very dynamic, Alfa has a direction so directly that you are surprised to bite the strings from the first turns. Pilot depreciation favours the comfort; the more closed, not enough mode to our taste, is available only from the Sport mode. It is clear that Alfa has tried an approach more touring when BMW argues a wider repertoire, relying on management more sophisticated its bodies to deliver a behavior more balanced and more successful, enjoying the passage of a lower of 60 kilos (1560kg) mass. Still, the M3 is not impeccable. Management is not yet quite communicative and suspension copy bumps on a degraded pavement.

We don’t sulk our pleasure to see Alfa Romeo return to the sports family. The Giulia made better defend themselves. If we look at the budget, it holds the rope with an advantage of 10,000 euros, which isn’t thin, avoiding the supermalus of a few grams to the passage. This is not the case of the M3, which was however able to keep its supremacy to the sum of all benefits. Question of experience, BMW better mastering his subject, the M3 proved to be more homogeneous.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio VS BMW M3 2018; High Voltage Battle Pictures

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio VS BMW M3 DragAlfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio VS BMW M3Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio VS BMW M3 20182018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifolio VS BMW M3
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