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Cheapest car rental in france

Carigami compares prices charged by car rental companies in Europe, for a booking made one month in advance. French tariffs are among the highest.

The Carigami study compares the prices in Europe for renting a small city car (Renault Twingo type) over a week, during the summer holiday period and booked about a month in advance. First observation: in France, the price of renting a vehicle is among the highest, a consequence of a chronic risk of out of stock resulting in rates that easily exceed the bar of 30 euros for a day.

The situation is similar for the south-east of France, where prices go up to 45 euros per day in Avignon. Renting a car in his home city and going on the roads of France will not cost you less: Toulouse, Lyon, Strasbourg, and Nantes also exceed 30 euros per day. In Lille and Paris, the importance of the offer dilutes the pressure of the demand, and the prices oscillate between 25 and 30 euros for a day.

Everything is changing outside our borders. According to the comparator Carigami, Spain remains the best plan: there are many offers around 10 euros a day in Malaga, between 10 and 15 euros in Palma de Mallorca and 15 to 20 euros in Barcelona. Warning: these are often low-cost offers, and the center makes up for it by charging the slightest extra charge. You will have to read the conditions of the offer in order to avoid paying additional services that will inflate the bill.

It is still possible to do good deals on the side of Portugal (Faro from 20 euros per day, Lisbon from 25 euros), Italy (between 20 and 25 euros in Naples or Rome, more than 25 euros for Milan ), in Morocco (between 25 and 30 euros in Marrakech) or in Croatia (Dubrovnik between 25 and 30 euros).

Car Rental in europe between countries

The sufficient supply and the presence of a large number of low-cost renters make Edinburgh quite accessible: between 20 and 25 euros per day. On the other hand, Northern Europe remains unaffordable: anything below 40 euros a day in Ireland or Iceland, and 60 euros minimum in Norway.

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