DS X E-Tense; The Luxury Electric Car for 2030

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 - Citroën
DS X E-Tense Release Date and Price

Incomplete freedom, the designers of the luxury brand of PSA were projected in 2035. The DS X E-tense concept is their manifesto. Their dream car on board which we see the road parade through a transparent floor.

According to the theories of the oracles, the sports car would no longer be rated. She’d be doomed to disappear. Dedicated to filming. This remains of the theory because when it comes to promoting a brand image, to fascinate the public, to awaken dreams, to arouse fantasies, what do you think the car designers do? They draw sports cars. The only ones to embody the dream on four wheels. When Thierry Metro, director of design for DS automobiles, let his designers freely project themselves in 2035, they imagined this DS X E-tense which pervades the codes of the racing trays. “Initially, the idea was to give birth to a sidecar,” says Thierry.

Through the two drifts installed behind the seats, one can also see a reminiscence of the sports-prototypes of the years 1950 and in particular, of the Jaguar D. Mix of rounded and chiseled surfaces, the carbon fiber body is asymmetrical. We have a bit of a feeling of having two cars. In the open air, the driver installed on the left side accesses on board by lifting a door in Elytron. In the extension of his little wind, we find the grille. It is off center when you look at the front in its entirety. The passenger part is covered with a glass roof, passing the concept for a berlinette. DS designers pushed the spirit side-car up to install an additional seat to travel on three. Sitting flush with the ground, in a semi-elongated position, the occupants discovered the sensations of the pilot of the monoplane. They will be reinforced by the adoption of a transparent glass floor which allows, as in kart, to see the road scroll. The driver’s bucket seat adapts to each morphology.

As one might have guessed, this DS from another world carbide to the electric. Two motors, one in each wheel, provide a power of 400 kw (540 kw). All this is very theoretical but the engineers even imagined a circuit mode bearing the power at 1 360 horsepower (1 000 kW). Just that. If tyres are already able to endure such a binge of power (Bugatti Chiron), it is not said that they are able to manage the massive influx of torque at startup, the own of electric propulsion. The DS X E-tense boasts a highly studied electronics for modulating torque, for the benefit of traction and traction

Another innovation is that the surface of the bodywork itself becomes a lighting element. Depending on the locations and the regeneration level of the batteries placed at the rear, the luminous identity varies in intensity and color. The engineers also imagined that there would be no more brake pads in 2035 in order to eliminate particulate emissions during braking!

DS X E-Tense Updates The Specs & Features

This concept is implemented should be exposed to the next world Automobile which is held in Paris from 4 to 14 October.

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DS X E-Tense Release Date and PriceDS X E-Tense Interior COncept DeisgnDS X E-Tense Geneva Motor ShowDS X E-Tense Engine Specs & TechnologyDS X E-Tense Concept Production UniteDS X E-Tense Updates The Specs & Features
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