Mazda RX-9 News; Release in 2020?

Saturday, January 13th, 2018 - Mazda
Mazda RX-9  HD wallpaper

Mazda RX-9 News; Release in 2020? – The debut of the new sports coupe with Wankel engine could coincide with the centenary of Mazda.

Mazda RX-9 Preview – Vertices of Mazda were getting finally the green light to a new sporting with rotary engine that should be called Mazda RX-9 (imagined, in drawings on this page, from MGLaurence) and be inspired by the concept RX-Vision. The date set for the debut would be on 2020, when the House of Hiroshima will celebrate its centenary. Onset before the public could take place at the end of 2019 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The News arrives from Japan and are somewhat circumstantial, sign that might have originated from a “deep throat” within the Mazda. In addition, the RX-9 (heir of RX-7 and RX-8) will be anticipated in 2017 from a prototype, launched 50 years after onset of first Mazda rotary engine: it was called Cosmo Sport and rode a liter-shaft.

A SOLUTION TO THE DEFAULTS? -The Mazda RX-9, as is traditional for the Coupe with Wankel engine home, must be a sporty, light and agile. The traction will be on the rear wheels, with the change in bulk with the differential, originating a technical scheme defined transaxle (also from Ferrari and Maserati). The engine you will find at the front and should develop more than 400 HP. Will be highly evolved, so as to avoid the typical faults of Rotary: consumption of gasoline and oil very high and emissions than conventional engines.

Mazda RX-9  concept

Mazda RX-9 Engine

The new Wankel engine that Mazda is developing for some time now should be of the type with two rotors, for a total displacement of 1.6 liters, will be equipped with supercharger (with turbo) and could employ the system of homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), which replicates in fact as it does on traditional diesel engines: HCCI system turns the mixture into the combustion chamber through the compression of gas , and not through the candle. It would be the first production engine to introduce a technical solution of this type, designed to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Also possible some form of “hybridization”, i.e. the use of an electric motor to help the Wankel Rotary to deliver higher torque where high performance and consume less in the city.

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