New McLaren Senna, the Extreme Performance [update]

Friday, December 15th, 2017 - Mclaren
New McLaren Senna Qatar Price

The British manufacturer unveils a radical model named McLaren Senna in homage to the triple F1 world champion.

For this car, let us first talk about the numbers: a power of 800 hp, a torque of 800 Nm, and above all, a mass of only 1 198 kg, an incredible weight-to-power ratio of slightly less than 1.5! No model of the British manufacturer has done better since the iconic F1 launched here nearly 25 years, but which only developed 627 HP. It is, therefore, a little difficult to qualify the Senna, named in homage to the triple world champion of F1, and taking in many elements of the P1 hybrid unveiled at the Geneva show in 2013. Is it a road or track car? We would be tempted to answer: both, as his builder thinks. “It establishes the purest link between the driver and his machine to deliver the most beautiful circuit experience we can offer,” commented Mike Flewitt, the president of the brand. In order not to panic the scale, the construction of the Senna makes extensive use of carbon fiber, not only for the bodywork but also for the chassis.

His lines are deliberately aggressive. Their design was guided by simplicity and aerodynamics. According to McLaren, the aesthetic must also reflect the effort that has focused on weight reduction. “This aggressive aspect embodies the principle of” the forms follows the function, “McLaren summed up.” It was also necessary to take into account the cooling requirements of the mechanics. This one, placed in a central position, consists of a 4-liter house V8 of cylinder capacity. Doubly turbocharged, it is the most powerful group made by McLaren. It is coupled to a seven-speed double-clutch box. A special effort has been made to ensure that the most serious wounds are fully reflected in the cockpit, especially during the changes in reports. Several modes of driving, from the most tranquil (“Comfort”) to the most extreme are available (“Track”). The chassis is equipped with an active hydraulic suspension that instantly reacts according to many driving parameters.

McLaren Senna Price;  £ 750 000

The most spectacular elements of the new McLaren Senna are probably its doors, also in carbon fibers. Their extraordinary kinematics must create the event every time you settle down or get off the car. If pilot and passenger want to get even closer to the road, McLaren offers the possibility to replace the central panel of these openings with a glass! Small fun detail, the Start button is located on the ceiling lamp, like the engine launch command of some planes. Exceptional car, the Senna is displayed at an exceptional price: £ 750 000. The 500 copies planned would already be sold.

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