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Monday, December 4th, 2017 - Mercedes
New Mercedes CLS 2019 Interior Pics

The 2019 Mercedes CLS is a masterful demonstration of know-how in technology and refinement. It will take some time to tame the lines of the third generation of this model that initiated the genre Coupe 4 doors. Unlike the Audi A7, which articulates its silhouette around a tailgate, the CLS remains loyal to a three-volume bodywork.

It does not deny its history, but carries the new stylistic language of the brand. Dubbed “Hot & Cool” by Gorden Wagener, the design owner, this style is signalled by sober and smooth surfaces, a line dipping on a nose seeming to sniff the tarmac, a high seat belt and a thin glazed surface which, once on board, can give an S Confinement.

If these shapes are validated by a flattering aerodynamic Cx of 0.26, the ensemble seems to us to lack tension. With its large wheels and air vents in the shield, version 53 AMG wisely enhances the status of the base model. We prefer a dark hue and an oversized mount to access a vehicle that will strike much more spirits than the class E from which it derives. It is so true that the CLS exceeds its cousin nearly 70 mm to tutoyer the 5 meters long.

This does not really change the life on board despite the elongated wheelbase of 65 mm. The rear space, which can accommodate for the first time three persons, earns well a few millimeters, but the place of the middle is handicapped by the transmission tunnel.

2019 Mercedes CLS Interior Review

Succumbing to the CLS is also accepting restricted accessibility and a limited roof guard. None of this is in front of the warm atmosphere of the class E convertible with colourful and material harmonies, the turbine-shaped aeration nozzles and the high-tech aspect of the huge 31.2 cm slab that combines the combined of instruments and the digital information screen. A multitude of finishes and options allow to raise the level and get closer to a class S. Too bad the trunk mat is low-cost.

Fresh Mercedes-Benz CLS 2019 Price and Specs

From the starry limousine, the CLS also inherits, it is a revolution, from the six-cylinders online, instead of a V-architecture, for the benefit of flexibility and depollution. Combined with the 9-speed automatic gearbox and the full transmission, all gasoline and diesel versions are compliant with this new orientation. We will not complain. Accreditation is at the rendezvous and the gap, here too, tends to be reduced between the two fuels. The 2.9 litres of 350d (286 hp) will walk you with a range (600 Nm torque) that gives back colors to diesel and in a confusing silence, especially with acoustic glazing.

The 2019 Mercedes 350d has, like its 400d variant (340 hp), the advantage of a standardized consumption of 5.6 L/100 km (148 g/km CO2). We quickly forget the size of the car, less the weight (almost 2 tons) that puts the brakes on hard test.

At the wheel, the sensations are close to a coupe in terms of dynamism and a limousine for comfort, provided you check the option pneumatic air Body Control (+ €2300). With the 450, which uses a 6-line 3 litres of 367 hp supported by a light hybridization of 22 HP, one changes category.

Mercedes CLS, 286 hp and 340 hp diesel, 367 hp petrol, from 76,100 euros.

A pioneer of the 4-door coupe, Mercedes renews the genre with a third generation revealed in California and launched next spring. The new 2019 Mercedes CLS  carries the evolution of the design of the firm to the star.

Since the presentation of the Mercedes Vision CLS concept at the Frankfurt Show 2003 followed one year after the series version, the water sank under the bridges. The Wow effect has faded but the star firm can boast that it has been the forerunner of this race of vehicles to compensate for the decline in the regime of the traditional grand-Papa sedan. This architecture of sedan profiled as a couple has made small for many manufacturers.

The surprise effect has now passed and the 4-door coupe needs to regenerate. The third CLS tries the exercise, bearing the new stylistic philosophy of Gorden Wagener called “Hot & Cool”. The designers managed to preserve the fluidity of the lines symbolized by a remarkable aerodynamic Cx of 0.26. For the rest, we will have to see the new CLS evolve on our roads to appreciate the volumes.

The CLS seems to us to have been drawn primarily for the Americans. The profile immediately recognizable to the 2019 Mercedes CLS  family is marked by a high-body belt, a very curved pavilion, smooth flanks and a bow that the designers compare to that of a shark, due to its forward inclination. The very wide spotlights and encroaching heavily on the front fenders refer to some recent American achievements. The drawing of the trunk and the taillights is inspired by the last SUV of the brand. At this point, it is not yet known whether Mercedes will renew the shooting Brake variant but we really are to be the case. At home, the break CLS did not know the recognition or the success it deserved.

Apart from the air jets in the form of an airplane turbine, the indoor environment is close to that of the E-class.

Of the E-class which it shares the platform, the CLS takes up a large part of the cockpit. The identical dashboard inherits the large shelf under a cap. This “widescreen” will be offered as an option. The atmosphere is distinguished however by the more sporty signature brought by the ventilation nozzles that sing a turbine.

The equipment and technology will be close to the S-class. As an option, the CLS can benefit from the comfort command “Energizing” coordinating the various equipment of the car’s wellbeing: the air-conditioning, the ventilation and the massage of the seats, the luminous and musical atmospheres, the heating of the steering wheel.

2019 Mercedes CLS Engine Specs

Under the hood, the CLS also converts to the 3-liter inline 6-cylinders recently developed by the brand. At the launch, motorists will have the choice between two diesel versions and one petrol. These three 3-liter models feature a twin scroll turbo and variable Camtronic distribution. The 350 announces a power of 286 hp and a torque of 600 Nm; The 400 variant admits a power of 340 hp and a torque of 700 Nm. These two engines claim a standardized consumption of 5.6 L/100 km or CO2 emissions of 148 g/km. On the other hand, the 6-cylinders with direct injection of petrol benefit from the light hybridization brought by the 48-volt onboard network. The Alternate-starter EQ boosts the combustion engine while reducing consumption. The Boost-EQ brings 250 Nm of torque and 22 hp of additional power. The power of the 2019 Mercedes CLS 450 is displayed at 367 ch and the torque is 500 Nm. Consumption is announced at 7.5 L/100 km for CO2 emissions of 178 g/km. It can be imagined that 4-cylinders will be introduced during the career of this third CLS. The 9-speed automatic gearbox is standard and the three CLS models proposed for launch are associated with the 4-Matic integral transmission.

Motorists will have the choice between three versions of the Rolling gear: Classic steel, variable Dynamic body control continuous damping and air body control pneumatic suspension.

2019 Mercedes CLS Review; Specs, Interior, Engine Pictures

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