2019 Honda Clarity Review

Friday, December 1st, 2017 - Honda
2019 Honda Clarity Plug In Hybrid Review Interior

2019 Honda Clarity is a pioneer of the hydrogen car. As Governments and mayors of major metropolises around the world pour into the overbidding by decreeing the end of the car with the thermal engine by 2030, the builders flood the populations of their electric vehicle programs. This announced a surge of the “thread to the Paw” model makes the worst fear. The ecological balance of the electric car would be much less flattering than we would like to say. To which solutions to turn? For some, the hydrogen-fuelled fuel cell has a significant potential.

We have to admit that apart from a few captive fleets and a few Parisian taxis from the Hype company, the hydrogen-fuelled fuel cell car is slow to impose. On paper, however, it represents the miracle solution to breathe clean air, to live in a decarbonized world and to take away the economies of their dependence on fossil energies. This technology, unlike that of the electric vehicle, is not handicapped by limited autonomy and a long cooldown. Hydrogen only releases water vapor and the filling does not take more time than fill a fuel tank. So what do we expect to generalize it? In practice, the fuel cell vehicle still stumbles on a few obstacles: the prohibitive price of technology for mass production and the distribution of hydrogen. Another pitfall: its large density implies to compress hydrogen strongly by cooling the cylindrical tank at very low temperature.

In the case of the latest evolution of the 2019 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, the pressure is 700 bars. This allows storing 5 kg of hydrogen, spread in two tanks, of 117 liters at the bottom of the trunk and 24 L under the back seat. In spite of this provision, Clarity manages to be the only hydrogen car to be able to accommodate five people. Compared to its first development prototypes, Honda reduced the bulk of the fuel cell pack and increased its volumetric density by 60%. Remains that the chest volume is lower than that of a VW Golf. A roof for a 4.91 m sedan in compensation, the rear seats are really generous.

Far from all fantasies, the driving of a fuel cell car is no different from that of an electric. The same operating silence and the instantaneous thrust of the electric motor of 130 KW (176 hp) are found. The transmission contributes to the smooth operation of a sedan that favors comfort at the expense of agility. With the new 2019 Honda Clarity, Honda takes a date for the future. As long as the last brakes inherent in the hydrogen are lifted. This energy still includes the cost of distribution: A petrol station is around EUR 1 million.

2019 Honda Clarity Technical Specs

2019 Honda Clarity Plug In Hybrid Price

Engine: fuel cell, electric motor 176 hp, 300 Nm torque
Transmission: Front wheels
Dimensions: L. 4.91, L. 1. 1.87, H. 1.48 m
Consumption: 0.92 kg/100 km (hydrogen)
Emissions (CO2): 0
Speed: 165 km/h

Price: About 60 000 €

2019 Honda Clarity Review Pictures

2019 Honda Clarity Plug In Hybrid Review Interior2019 Honda Clarity Hybrid Interior Dimensions2019 Honda Clarity Plug In Hybrid Price2019 Honda Clarity Ev Range2019 Honda Clarity Release Date nd Price2019 Honda Clarity Plug In Hybrid Availability
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