New Infiniti Q60 Black S – News, Specs, Price & Release Date

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018 - Infiniti
2020 Infiniti Q60 Black S Project Release Date & Cost

here is the New Infiniti Q60 Black S. Renault F1’s experience in hybrid V6 engines is helping Infiniti unveil a hybrid sports car project.

Does the future of the sports car go through hybridization? Some builders are not far from thinking about it. This is how Honda hybridizes its NSX , BMW i8 . While waiting for the Mercedes Project One supercar, the certified version of the Mercedes F1 that dominates the world championship, Infiniti has also been shopping at its Renault F1 partner to imagine the Infiniti Q60 Black S, a hybrid sport concept taking advantage of the experience of the competition and technologies used in Formula 1.

The Renault F1 team focused on the aerodynamics of the vehicle when Infiniti sought to reduce the weight of its racing machine by using, among other things, carbon fiber. Hybridization forced the engineers to remove the rear seats to accommodate the battery. On arrival, the hybrid system causes an overweight of the order of 200 kg.

To compensate for this additional mass, Infiniti has been tracking down the extra pounds but in the end, the Infiniti Q60 Black S still weighs 1,776 kg. The Japanese sports car catches up with an ideal front / rear weight distribution, approaching 50/50, permitted by its transmission to the rear wheels only.

The color code, whether inside or outside, is black with yellow touches, which immediately reminds the colors of the Renault F1 Team. For the first time on a production car, the 3-liter V6 twin-turbo engine benefits from a double hybridization, like in Formula 1. The power goes from 405 hp to 571 hp, a figure similar to that claimed by the Nissan GT-R.

New Infiniti Q60 Black S Release Date and Price

Three electric power units were grafted to the vehicle: an MGU-K (“K” for “kinetic”) that recovers the energy when braking, and an MGU-H (“H” for “heat”) by the turbocharger, which recovers the energy produced by the heat of the exhaust gases. This allows you to use the energy released during braking, but also during acceleration!

Infiniti Q60 Black S Performance

The recovered electricity is used in two ways. It can act as an anti-lag system on turbos (which are electrically assisted) to reduce the acceleration response time, but it can also provide the MGU-K with energy so that it can deliver 120 kW of power. additional electric power. Thanks to this technology inherited from F1, the Infiniti Q60 Black S reaches 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds.

Three driving modes, also inspired by the world of single-seaters, are available. The road mode is suitable for driving in normal conditions, and uses a low and discrete energy recovery. The “Quali” mode, developed for the circuit, provides access to the maximum power of the vehicle and increased energy recovery during braking. The race mode, very similar to the racing mode, uses electric power only when it can save the driver time, and recovers energy when possible.

Q50 Hybrid, the most successful hybrid vehicle of the brand, lost 80% of its battery after a tour of the circuit (4.655 km). According to the simulations of the Renault F1 Team, the Infiniti Q60 Black S would use only 15% of its battery by performing the same exercise, and in the most energy-consuming mode.

regarding the Infiniti Q60 Black S Release Date, we still don’t have clear information, as well as prices. but we expect to find the Infiniti Q60 Black S in dealerships by the end of 2020.

New Infiniti Q60 Black S – News, Specs, Price & Release Date Pictures

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