Peugeot e-Legend: Dimensions, Platform, Specs & Release Date

Monday, October 22nd, 2018 - Peugeot
Peugeot e-Legend Wallpaper 4K

Peugeot e-Legend is The star of the show, it is undoubtedly this Peugeot concept inspired by the 504 coupes. With this vehicle, the manufacturer demonstrates that the future, that we are promised electric and autonomous, can still arouse emotions.

In the race for the electric car, connected and autonomous, the French manufacturers do not intend to be left behind. Peugeot demonstrates this with a concept car that will make a sensation and awaken memories to the oldest of us. With the blessing of Jean-Pierre Ploué and the brand’s decision-makers, the design teams led by Gilles Vidal, deliver a neorétro interpretation of the Peugeot 504 coupé designed by Pininfarina and presented at the Paris Auto Show of 1969. Through this demonstrator bearing the code P18 and baptized e-Legend, Peugeot shows an optimistic vision of the car of tomorrow. Even if it makes no noise and the driver releases orders, the automobile object intends to remain desirable and continue to dream.

Peugeot e-Legend Dimensions & Specs

The forms evoke something known, but the curves and the volumes attest that one evolves in another dimension. Set on 19-inch wheels, the Peugeot concept is 4.65m long, 1.93m wide and 1.37m high. As on American models, the panoramic windshield helps to offer a wide field of vision.

If the ribbed blue silk corduroy seats sing the warm and cozy atmosphere of the 504 Coupé, technology plunges us into the world of the day after tomorrow.

Looking ahead, there is no dashboard. While a steering wheel is still present but it is more the sculpture with its octagon shape very flattened. And above all, it can disappear under the bar of its contiguous across the width of the panoramic windshield. The e-Legend concept then switches to standalone mode.

Peugeot e-Legend Autonomous Car

This car, which is a film of anticipation, hosts a huge screen of 49 inches on the wall separating the cockpit from the front cradle. If you wish, you can see the asphalt scroll under our feet. We will simply watch a movie or play Pong, the ancestor of the Pac-Man, using the wheel located at hand. A walk-in entry into the digital era, the Peugeot e-Legend also incorporates a 29-inch screen in the doors and 12-inch screens in each sun visor. Navigating the 49-inch screen, worthy of a widescreen TV, is piloted from the rotation control and the 6-inch touchscreen attached to a levitating arm placed between the two front seats.

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