Is Waze Still Good at Avoiding Traffic Jams? Waze Review For Europe

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Waze, do you know? Without a doubt. The application is one of the most popular on a smartphone. Waze is typical of what is called “Web 2.0”, using the poa was of wireless networks that appeared in the 2000s. Waze is a guidance system that works with a mapping taking into account the feedback of its opinions. users: it is an interactive system. The navigation ensured by Waze is done in real time. The driver is constantly informed of the traffic status. The “app” can also signal, always in real time, work, an accident, a traffic jam, and even the presence of mobile radars. Waze, created by an Israeli researcher, was bought in 2013 by Google giant for more than a billion dollars.

The operation of Waze is very simple. After a quick registration, simply type, or even simpler to state its destination, so that the route is calculated at best. The system is “smart”. He will recommend the trip that seems the best, the fastest, but not necessarily the most direct, from the beginning of the course, then leaves to change, always instantly. Is it reliable? Most of the time, yes. It is sometimes amazing outside the cities to see how Waze can find an alternative route that even regulars in a region would not have thought of.

Loss of network

The first limitation of the system is the connection of your smartphone. If the network is unstable or non-existent, Waze will no longer work or degraded. The second pitfall is the density of users. Waze works best in the city or in populated areas, although the application is constantly being improved to avoid any breakage or malfunction. One can also wonder about the “sheep” effect of Waze. If many users use it at the same time and on the same route, will not we finally move the plugs? Finally, if Waze is installed on your mobile, which is the case most of the time, it is better to have a well-charged battery or leave it connected permanently because Waze is an energy-consuming application.

Other solutions exist to plan his itinerary. Maps, Google’s GPS application, provides satisfactory operation, certainly less astute than Waze, and with the same limitations. Some paid apps, such as Navigon, are also good solutions, as well as the most advanced GPS in the latest cars. The Coyote application, known for accurately reporting fixed and above all mobile radars, also has an advanced GPS. Paid, is it higher than Waze? The Coyote has for him the advantage of being a “dedicated” terminal providing the comfort of use better than that of a smartphone, apparatus necessarily “generalist”. Moreover, unlike Waze, his screen is never invaded by advertising. Its readability and ergonomics are also better. But the strength of Coyote remains in our eyes the quality of its user community, composed mainly of professionals of the road.

Old-fashioned navigation

The last solution to avoid traffic jams is simply what airmen would call “old-fashioned sailing”. It is based on a map in the hands of the passenger transformed for the occasion into a browser. This co-pilot will also study the route in real time, listening carefully to the radio (107, 7 on the highway). It is he, according to his knowledge and even his intuitions, who will determine the best course and even adjust it. As long as you do not attach too much importance to such an exercise, it can be interesting and fun for the whole family (the geography lesson is included) on a long holiday drive.

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